Uganda:: Focus on the Child Development Program

Cornerstone’s first steps into Uganda were through the Child Development Program (CDP) of Africa Renewal University (ARM). We were introduced to the CDP and ARM when the Mwangaza Children’s Choir performed on a Sunday night at Cornerstone eight years ago. That night began a long partnership that has led us to where we are today in Uganda.

One Door Closes, Another Opens in Uganda

Pastor Renson of the University Chapel
Pastor Renson of the University Chapel

Eight years ago God opened the door for Cornerstone Church to begin a journey to partner with Buloba Community Church (BCC) in Uganda.  BCC was a new church plant in the Buloba community and part of the Africa Renewal Ministries church planting efforts.

Update from Uganda | January 2016


As I write this, the Uganda team is on a layover in Amsterdam on our way home. We have spent the last five days in many meetings with many people in Gaba, Buloba, and on the campus of Africa Renewal University.

IMG_0320It has been a very productive week focused on identifying new vision as we figure out the changes our Ugandan partner, Africa Renewal Ministries, is making.

The Medical Clinic in Buloba is Almost Ready


The progress on constructing the new medical clinic in Buloba has been amazing. When I consider the way in which the Ugandan workers have to do what they do in construction without large equipment, I am impressed. The clinic will be ready to go by the new year. With that in mind, we are planning our first trip to help get the clinic up and running.

Uganda Trip Recap | August 2015

Rusty and Isma, the Hutson family’s sponsor child

35 hours. That was the total time on an airplane to and from Africa. That’s a lot of time in a confined space (especially for a partial claustrophobe). You sleep, watch movies, eat, drink water, read, stare at nothing in particular and try not to look at your watch! That time is only made tolerable by the experience of being with brothers and sisters in Christ of a different culture, different nationality, different setting, who share in the same vision of reaching this world with the Good News of the gospel. That time is made all better the moment I see Isma (our family’s sponsor child) and realize how happy he is, how healthy he looks and how well he is cared for by his Christian community there in Buloba. That time becomes insignificant when I’m in a circle praying with the leaders of a rapidly growing movement of God in a land where witchcraft and Islam still permeates the culture. I firmly believe God is using the time, energy, talents and resources of our church to further His kingdom in this special place.

Uganda Medical Clinic Video Update | August 2015

The August 2015 Uganda team was able to walk through the construction site of the new medical clinic being built on the campus of Africa Renewal University. Rusty Hutson took a few minutes to record a video and talk about what is planned and how it will impact the community. As construction continues, look for more updates, both video and written, in our weekly e-newsletter.

We Are Home | Uganda | August 2015

The Staff of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM)
The Staff of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) in 2011

Rusty, Katy and I have been back in Auburn from Uganda just long enough to realize we are no longer living on Uganda time. Rusty arrived home on Monday night and Katy and I arrived last night after spending some time in Amsterdam on our way home. With the time difference being eight hours it takes a few days to get back to normal.

The trip was a success and as I have mentioned we gained a lot of clarity on some of the positive changes happening with Africa Renewal Ministries, our Uganda partner.

While we were in Uganda we posted about what we did each day. The days were fast paced and filled with a lot of people and places and the posts included references to both as well as several organizations. I want to take some time to give you some clarity on many of the people, places and organizations we engaged with while we were there.

Some of the organizations:

Day Four | Uganda | August 2015

Rusty, Katy and ARU student Anna.
Rusty, Katy and ARU student Anna.

It is late Monday night as I write this in Uganda. We are at the Entebbe International Airport waiting for our return flight back home. It has been a fast paced and very productive four days.

Today we woke up at Africa Renewal University (ARU). After breakfast we met with the management team for ARU for their weekly staff meeting. The team is made up of James (Dean of Students), Fiona (Human Resources and Finance), Vincent (Registrar) and Dennis (Quality Control and Standards). Their last names are rather complicated so I’ll just use their first names which is not uncommon. We learned that ARU receives its accreditation from the National Council for Higher Education.

Day Two | Uganda | August 2015

Rusty and His Sponsored Child
Rusty and His Sponsored Child

Today we traveled to the community of Buloba. Buloba is home to the Child Development Program where the Cornerstone family supports 347 kids. It is also the home of Africa Renewal University. Both the Child Sponsorship Program (CDP) and Africa Renewal University (ARU) are under the umbrella of Gaba Community Church.

Day One | Uganda | August 2015

Patrick, Katy and Dr. Martin outside the offices of ARM Uganda.
Patrick, Katy and Dr. Martin outside Gaba Community Church in Uganda.

Rusty, Katy and I arrived last night at 10:30 pm Uganda time after the typical 26 hours of travel from Auburn to Kampala, Uganda. We went straight from the airport to the home of Patrick Serunjogi who is hosting us while we are here. We were tired and knew we needed to get to sleep because we had an early start the next day.

Uganda Trip | August 2015

The shoreline of Lake Victoria as you leave Gabba
The shoreline of Lake Victoria as you leave Gaba

Rusty, my daughter Katy, and I will be flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 8 pm. It is going to be a short, fast paced trip to Uganda to visit and pray with leaders and our friends with Gaba Church and the Buloba community.

Renewal Health Clinic in Buloba, Uganda | How You Can Help!

Your support of the Renewal Health Clinic will play a key role in the advancement of the gospel in the community of Buloba. This Christmas, at Cornerstone, we want to raise the initial $25,000 to help launch this medical clinic in the early part of 2015. Let’s pray now towards that goal and how each of us can be a part of bringing quality health care to this community as we know that’s one important piece of seeing the kingdom come to Buloba, Uganda. Your opportunity to give towards this project will begin November 30th and run through December 31st. Watch the above video and read below for more information about the Renewal Health Center.

Brian Johnson
Site Pastor, Bred Pub Site

Uganda Mission Team | October 2014 | Update 3

Today, I attended my first college class in many years – probably close to 15 years, actually. It’s a Sociology class, which reminds me of the only other sociology class I had years ago in the Haley Center on Auburn’s campus. The classroom I visited today was about 8,000 miles from the Haley Center.

Uganda Mission Team | October 2014 | Update 2

It took traveling all the way to Uganda for me to be a student again, at least as it pertains to a traditional classroom setting. It wasn’t on any official agenda, but getting to sit in on class sessions with the students here has proven to be a great surprise and blessing. And as for “agendas”, I am quickly learning that Africa has a much more relaxed definition of the word.

Uganda Mission Team | October 2014 | Update 1


It’s good to be back in Uganda! I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be back in this place and to bring my good friends along for the journey. You’ll see a number of posts and updates from our team over the next several days, but let me start with just an introduction to who we are and what we’re about.

Uganda Community Survey Team Mission Trip | August 2014 | Update 1

So many times when you read the mission blog you find out what the team had for breakfast or the daily activities. Often you read about how moving it is to finally meet your sponsor child you have prayed for over the years or experiencing worship in a wonderful new way.

Uganda Mission Team | July 2014 | Update 3

image (1)Today we woke up early – partially because of the incredible rain storm that beat down on our tin roof dormitory at 5am and partially because of an early breakfast at 7am before church. After an energizing breakfast we walked down to the Buloba Community Church where we immediately started the service beginning with worship and praise and then a sermon delivered to us by a guest pastor.

Uganda Mission Team | July 2014 | Update 2

This morning we awoke to a beautiful sunny day! We had breakfast and the best fresh squeezed juice I have ever had. It was mango, pineapple, papaya and banana…so incredibly delicious! Amy led our devotion followed by a prayer from Kelly and from there we headed on foot about a mile down a dirt road to the Buloba Primary School for center day.

High School Uganda Team 2014 | Final Update

ugandateamPhew, we are all finally home, showered and hopefully in bed at 12:30 AM. As I type this final update (although it feels like it is 8:30 AM and we should be eating breakfast), I am excited about the work that God is doing in Uganda and among our team members from the Senior Class of 2014 and it’s leaders.