Guest Services is designed to remove any barriers for our guests as they worship on Sunday mornings. We want our guests to feel comfortable and be able to focus on Christ.  If you are interested in serving on or would like more information about a guest services team please email or call Julia Farrow, Volunteer Coordinator, at 887-1152. For an updated list of guest service opportunities and to email the team leader directly, go to Guest Services.

Set-up/Tear Down Team
There is a lot that needs to happen for our guests to have a wonderful worship experience. And it all begins with making sure the proper equipment is in place and guests have chairs to sit in. Everything is removed from Lee-Scott following the Worship Service. These team members are at Lee-Scott early in the morning and remain after the service.

Greeter Team
This team greets our guests as they arrive on Sunday morning, as well as distributes the Connection Cards. Greeters arrive 30 minutes before the service begins and greet until approximately 10 minutes after the service begins.

Recovery Team
This team includes what most people know as ushers but is so much more. Team members arrive and do a walk-through of the worship area checking to make sure everything is in its place and ready to go. They collect the tithes and offerings during the service. After the service, they pick up any trash, tidy the restrooms.

Parking Lot Team
The Parking Team’s main objective is to ensure safety and order while greeting and directing cars and pedestrians in our parking lot. This is the first experience many people will have at Cornerstone, and we want it to be great. Parking Lot volunteers arrive 30 minutes before the service begins and serve until approximately 10 minutes after the service begins.

Children’s Check-In Team
Help our kids (infants through 5th grade) get checked in to their rooms, complete with security tag, so their parents know they are safe and in the right place. Check-in volunteers arrive 30 minutes before the service begins and serve until 15 minutes after the service begins.

Information/Next Steps Kiosk
Meet anyone coming to Cornerstone at Lee-Scott on Sunday mornings with a friendly face and provide whatever information is needed.  Arrive 30 minutes before the service begins and remain at the information desk until 10 minutes after the service begins.

Breakfast Crew
A great team for early risers or if you like to work behind the scenes. This team comes in to Hamilton Road site to bake biscuits, grill sausage and prepare donuts for our guests and volunteers on Sunday. They are finished and have everything cleaned up in time to head to worship at Lee-Scott.

Cafe Team
One of the first stops people make when they walk into church is our Cafe! Our Cafe Team keeps the coffee and juice ready and the coffee station cleaned and stocked. Some set-up and break down may be involved. Roles also include food prep and courier. If you are a “people person,” this is a great spot to serve.


At Cornerstone Kids, our goal is to help our kids connect with God’s Word and apply it to their lives. Each week, we create an atmosphere of fun for our kids! Using exciting games and crafts, upbeat music, drama, and engaging Bible stories, we are building a foundation of faith in the lives of children as we love them and lead them to know and serve Jesus. If you would like more information or would like to join the Cornerstone Kids team at Lee-Scott, contact Beth Cofield at

In Pebble Path, we serve infants through pre-K through age 4.  You will hold and rock babies, build blocks with toddlers, color with our preschoolers and teach them about God and His great love. You will welcome our littlest ones into our faith family each week and leave a lasting impression about our heavenly Father. Team members serve at one service every other Sunday.

Pebble Path Teaching Team Members welcome children, engage them in fun and play, and lead the lesson in a 2, 3, 4 or 5 year old classroom. All lesson plans, supplies and material are provided each week.

Pebble Path Team Members welcome children, engage them in fun and play, and assist teaching team members with lesson activities, and help with our infants and toddlers in the nursery.

In Rock City, we play games with our elementary kids, lead crafts and other activities. We help our kids engage in worship, Bible stories and small group activities. You’ll get to know our kids and see them grow in faith as you share God’s love with them! Team members serve at one service every other Sunday.

Rock City Teaching Team Members welcome children, lead introductory activities, help children engage in worship and Bible stories, and lead small age-group activities. All lesson plans, supplies and material are provided each week.

Rock City Team Members welcome children, help them engage in introductory activities, worship, Bible stories, and assist teaching team members with small group activities.

In Creative Arts in Cornerstone Kids, You will use your unique gifts and talents to help kids engage in worship and connect with God and His Word in fun and relevant ways. Creative Arts team members serve approximately once a month.

Bible Storytelling Team Members tell the Bible story in a fun and exciting way. You will help make God’s Word come to life for our kids. Bible story script and all props and supplies are provided.

Worship Team Members create an atmosphere of excitement, energy and authentic worship. Using instruments, singing and movement, you will help children enjoy worshiping our great God.

Drama Team Members act out theatrical representations of Bible stories and biblical themes as you help kids connect with God and His Word.

Production Team Members utilize audio, visual and other technical equipment to enhance the learning environment. Direct sound, lights, lyrics, props, images during our children’s worship, Bible storytelling and drama presentations.

Other Serving Opportunities you may be interested in: 

Reception Team at Hamilton Road 
We rely on a team of volunteers to assist with reception at the church throughout the workweek during church office hours. Volunteer team members answer the phone, route calls appropriately, greet visitors, give church information and assist with other office tasks as needed. This is an ideal opportunity for someone with children in school, a retiree or a college student to use their gifts of service. Volunteers in this area should be comfortable interacting with familiar and unfamiliar faces, have a warm personality and be reliable. Team Leader: Lynn Blount –

Photo Team 
Do you have above-average photographic skill and a desire to glorify God through photography? If so, we want you on our Photo Team! Volunteers may expect to serve one to three hours each month- most of the time it’s as simple as bringing your camera and taking pictures at an event you already planned to attend. Team Leader: Ashley Coxwell – 

Youth Team 
Would you like to help lead youth to know and serve Jesus? If so, we have opportunities to serve Cornerstone Youth at Hamilton Road including: Musicians, Sound Booth, Set-Up Team, Cafe Team, Check-in Team, Small Group team and more. Team Leader: Pat Bethea – 

Production Team 
Would you like to help our musicians and teachers create an atmosphere where songs can lead people to respond in worship and where the word of God can be clearly spoken? If so, there are opportunities to serve with the production team that may be a fit for you.
The audio/recording volunteer is responsible for running the sound board and for recording the message each week for the podcast. The lighting/video volunteer is responsible for the house and stage lights, as well as what is shown on the main screen and side monitors. For more information, email

A few things you need to know about volunteering at Lee-Scott: 
We have breakfast in the hallway at 9:30-9:45 am with announcements and prayer at 9:45 am. Families are welcome. Children’s check-in opens at 9:50 for children of volunteers. Please be at your station ready to serve 30 minutes prior to that service. Check in at the desk in the hallway and get your name tag and lanyard. Please leave the “close-up” parking spaces for our guests. We ask our volunteers to park in the designated “Volunteer Parking” lot (the first lot you see when driving into Lee-Scott).

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