On Saturday, December 16, the Cornerstone Church building will be transformed into a shopping mall – well, maybe not a mall, but definitely a shopping experience called “Santa’s Workshop.”

Cornerstone is partnering with the BigHouse Foundation to provide a shopping opportunity for 75+ East Alabama foster and adoptive families. For several years the BigHouse has set up for the foster children to “shop” for their families. The goal is to help the kids discover the joy of giving and allow them the autonomy to choose gifts for those in their family at no cost to them. Parents also have an opportunity to select gifts for the foster children in their home in a separate shopping area.

BigHouse needs lots of help to make this event a very merry one for all of these families. Donations of toys and gift items for children and teens are most needed, followed by small gift items for any age, gift wrap supplies and refreshments. We also have opportunities for volunteers on the Saturday of the event. To sign up for any of the mentioned needs, register here. If you would like to see a list of suggested gift items or other needs, go here. Any items can be brought directly to Cornerstone Church by December 14.

Volunteering to help with Santa’s Workshop is the kind of involvement in our community that can make your Christmas truly Christ-like. Sign up and then show up Saturday, December 16, to help impact a kid at Christmas.

A little about The BigHouse from their website…

The BigHouse began as the dream of two college students to impact the world of foster care in a positive way. After being personally exposed to the needs these children and families have, they knew they could no longer sit back and do nothing. Now, BigHouse is engaging families, volunteers and community members across the state of Alabama to impact their local foster care community. Not everyone is called to be a foster parent, but everyone CAN do SOMETHING. Through the resources of the local community and the time and effort of volunteers, we aim to provide experiences and opportunities of a “typical” childhood to children who so desperately need to be kids.