Organization: Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) –  Homes in Lee  and Macon County

Mission: Alabama Rural Ministry (ARM) desires to eliminate substandard housing in rural Alabama.  By restoring hope and building dreams, ARM is making Sweet Homes for Alabama and extending and arm of Christ’s love.

What We Do: ARM’s main way of combating poverty and providing home repair and children’s ministry is through volunteers. ARM hosts volunteers in Livingston and Tuskegee. Our site in Tuskegee runs year round allowing for Spring Breaks, Christmas Breaks, Fall breaks, and even mission retreat weekends.  Our mission camps allow groups to serve with families who need home repair and/or provide engaging activities for children at our Sonshine Kids Day Camp.


Several pastors from our area have partnered with ARM to eliminate poverty housing in our community. They are committing time and staying at their own shack! ARM is raising $100,000 to help serve over 20 families in our area through home repair. We begin Oct. 4 and live in them until we reach $100,000 or October 10th. The Shack is located in front of the Auburn Wesley Foundation. This is a great way to partner with ARM and help families in our area be touched by the love of Christ. Help ARM extend love and make Sweet Homes for Alabama!

Rusty Hutson will be staying in the shack on October 10 from 9am-12pm! For more information go to or the event on our Facebook Page. You may donate onsite by visiting Lisa Pierce and other shack dwellers while at the shacks. Kids can paint on the shacks for a $5 donation and learn about ways to serve in our area. To donate online: or call (334) 501-4276 to make a pledge. Thanks for extending your love and Christ’s love to families!

To Serve with Alabama Rural Ministry, please visit their website: