W G S – Worship – Lee Cadden, January 28, 2018

Vision to see people connected through Worship, Groups, and Serving as we carry out our mission of Leading people to know and serve Jesus. This is our strategy.

Acts 2:42-47 – fellowship = commonality

  1. The Christian community and the Christian life was based on sacrifice
  2. The body was more important than the individual

John 4:24 – Jesus more concerned with the heart of the worshiper than the place/style of the worship.

Romans 12:1-2 – living sacrifice –> true worship withholds nothing from God and it transforms us from within

Worship comes from “worth”ship – Humans worship whatever they value most.

True Worship is treasuring of God above all things.

How we worship…

  1. Inner Response from a regenerate heart
  2. Collective response from the people

Worship: Begins with the truth, leads me to treasure Christ above everything, which leads to an overflow of acts of praise and acts of love.

Are there ways I need to grow in my practice of worship? What steps do I need to take?