Rooted in the Gospel, week 6 – Rusty Hutson – May13, 2018

Matthew 6:25-34

Jesus gives different eyes, kingdom eyes, that seek first his kingdom, and when we see with Kingdom eyes, the patterns of worry will always fall.

Seeing With Different Eyes

  1. Looking around Causes Anxiety
    • Keeping up with the Joneses of the world never satisfies.
    • Looking at everything and everyone else always bring worry –> concern over things you can’t control
    • Philippians 4:6-7 
      • Anxiety/worry — old eyes/old ways
      • Petition the Lord, thank God for him, his knowing what you need
  2. Looking Back Helps Us Be Thankful
    • Look at what God has done
    • Ebenezer – monuments raised in Israel to remind the people, and future generations, of all that God has done and promises to continue doing
    • Deuteronomy 7:9
  3. Looking Up Gives Us Confidence
    • Psalm 121:1-2
    • Worship and worry cannot live in the same heart; they are mutually exclusive – Ruth Bell Graham

  4. Looking to God First Creates Contentment
    • Seek first the kingdom, and everything else will fall where it should
    • Philippians 4:11-13
      • Learn contentment in any and every situation –> Contentment only comes when rooted in Christ.

God is Great, therefore I don’t have to worry.

What does it take for God to be in control of all things in my life?