Jonah, week 5 – Lee Cadden, March 18, 2018

Once we are willingly obedient to the Lord, his next step is to work on our attitude. Our heart matters to God.

Jonah 4

God knows that self righteousness is a disease. “Do you do well to be angry?”

“You pity the plant, but you couldn’t control what happened to it.”

The lesson Jonah needed to learn, that we need to learn: God is the Lord, not me. God is in control, not me.

Jonah’s story ends with no resolution within Jonah. The question, “Should I not pity these 100,000 souls who don’t know their right hand from their left” is never answered by Jonah.

Left open for us – will we choose the way of Jonah, of comfortable self righteousness? or will we choose the way of Jesus? Jesus, who emptied himself, gave up his rights, privileges, and position in Heaven that we might come home.

John 3:16-17

At one point we were all enemies of God, we were Ninevites. But once we are saved we must choose to live either as Jonah did – thinking we know what’s best – or the way Jesus lived. Jesus trusted his Father’s way, his will, and his timing.

Today, consider Christ, and Him crucified for you, and by His Spirit, follow him for the sake the world and the glory of God.