Throughout the month of December, we will be collecting boxes of food that we will then use to stock the shelves of the Food Bank of East Alabama. If you would like to be a part of this opportunity to serve others, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Grab a box! Beginning Sunday, December 1, you can pick up an empty box with the checklist of items to purchase at Lee-Scott, Bred Pub, and Hamilton Road on Sunday mornings and at Hamilton Road during office hours.
  2. Fill the box! Follow the guidelines on the checklist (see list below) for what you should pack in the box.
  3. Return the loaded box! You can return the filled box on any Sunday in December to any site, or you can drop it off at Hamilton Road during office hours.
  4. Stock the shelves on January 11, 2014! Everyone will meet at Hamilton Road at 8am to unpack and sort the food, then load up and caravan over to The Food Bank of East Alabama to deliver the food. Families are welcome.


Here is a list of items recommended for each box. However, you are welcome to buy any quantity of an item, as long as that item is on the list. If you buy the items before you’ve picked up a box, no problem. Just bring your items to the church after December 1, and we will box it for you. If you would like to donate a box of food in honor of someone, you can pick up a gift box at the welcome desk at any of our three sites on Sunday mornings after you turn in your box of food. If you have any other questions, email

(1) Jar of Peanut Butter, Big or Small
(2-4) Canned Meats, Chicken, Tuna, Vienna Sausage, etc.
(3-4) Canned Soups or Stews
(1) Bottle or Can of 100% Fruit Juice
(2-3) Canned Fruits
(3-4) Canned Vegetables
(2-3) Boxes of Macaroni & Cheese Dinners
(1) Box of Pasta, Spaghetti, Shells, etc.
(1-2) Bags of Rice, 2 Small Bags or 1 Big Bag
(1) Container of Instant Oatmeal or Grits


“The Big Sort” – Saturday, January 11: 8 am at the Hamilton Road site

Come join your Cornerstone family at the Hamilton Road site as we get the tons of food we’ve collected ready for the Food Bank. We’ll meet at 8 am and get to work. The goal of the morning is to make sure that all of the food collected is in date, separated by item, and weighed. Once we’ve accomplished this part of the morning, we’ll pack our vehicles full of boxes and caravan to the Food Bank to stock their shelves! While at the Food Bank, you’ll have the chance to take a tour of facility and learn more about how you can continue to serve your community. We should be finished by late morning. Childcare is not available, but families are encouraged to bring their children as this is an event for all ages. We’ll see you there! Email if you have any questions.


13,584 pounds of food was donated, sorted and transported to the Food Bank of East Alabama on Saturday, January 11. And if you’re trying to figure it out, that’s 6.792 tons of food. A couple hundred people gathered to sort through about 500 boxes of food donated through the Christmas season. Everyone from toddlers to older adults like me jumped in and helped. The food was sorted into categories like rice, canned fruits, peanut butter and canned vegetables. It took about an hour to sort all the food and then re-box it for delivery to the Food Bank. Once at the Food Bank, the donated food is distributed to food-insecure families and individuals in our community. To see photos of FS 14, go here.

Watch highlights of Food Stock 2014 here:

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