Meet Cornerstone’s Guest Services Assistants

Every Sunday morning at Cornerstone’s Hamilton Road site, a thousand or more members, attenders, and guests come through the doors to worship. Cornerstone is blessed to have such awesome volunteers that get up early to come to Cornerstone to make sure that the people who come through our doors have someone there to greet them, check-in their kids, show them where to go, and anything else they might need.

Dream2020 Update

Last winter we kicked off our year long Dream2020 project. The idea is to capture the dreams God is placing on our hearts for the future of Cornerstone and to imagine together what could be. The first step was to collect dreams, and we have collected hundreds from all ages and stages of life. They span everything from small personal dreams to large God-sized dreams that we can’t achieve without Him.

To give you an idea, here are a few of the dreams we have collected:

  • To reach out to youth who are struggling in their faith, and for them to have a place to call home.
  • Combat the epidemic of divorce.
  • Outreach to nursing homes.
  • Outside amphitheater and park on our undeveloped 15 acres.
  • Equip parents to know how to disciple their kids.
  • More empowerment of the church body to meet the needs of the community.
  • Coffee shop that appeals to seekers.

Our second step was to organize these dreams in categories or buckets. With all the dreams we received it was hard to narrow them down to a just a few buckets so we have 18. Some of the dreams actually land in several buckets, and while this exercise was challenging, it was actually a lot of fun. Some of the fuller buckets are discipleship, outreach, family and leadership. The second step is now complete.

Our third step is to sort through all the dreams in all the buckets and make sense of them as we move forward as a church. Each bucket needs to be sorted through and compare the dreams to our mission of leading people to know and serve Jesus. We have to lay our values on top of those dreams, pray a lot and seek God’s direction.

Our final step is to present a vision for Cornerstone over the next seven years. We plan to present this vision at our Celebration Dinner early next year.

Dream2020 is a big deal for us. Please continue to pray for Cornerstone and what God has planned as we impact our community both locally and globally. Remember, we want to have dreams so big they can only be accomplished if God is planted right in the heart of each one.

If you have any questions about Dream2020 just send me an email to

Jack Fisher, Director of Operations

We Want to Hear Your God Sized Dreams

What is a God sized dream? If you ask blogger Holley Gerth this is one thing she says about a God sized dream:

“It’s too big and impossible to be my ego. It’s too hard and unrealistic to be driven by self. It’s too rife with the possibility of failure to have been dreamt by me. I know it’s from God.”

I really like her description. It is dreams like this we are looking for during our Dream2020 process at Cornerstone Church. We want you to pray hard and really listen to what God is placing on your heart for Cornerstone and our community that is so big it can only be accomplished with God in it.

Many of you at Cornerstone have already shared your dreams. We have seen some great God-inspired dreams, and there are many more to collect. We will continue to collect dreams through May and here are some ways to share them:

  • Go to our Dream2020 web page here.
  • Send an email to
  • Visit our Hamilton Road or Lee-Scott site on Sunday, May 5, and grab a card to fill out. They will be in every seat.
  • If you are in a small group, share with your small group leader.
  • Write on the boards posted at one of our three sites (Hamilton Road, Lee-Scott and Bred Pub).

We want to hear what God is saying to you. Even if you have already given us a dream, pray and dream some more. Once May is over, our leadership team will sit down and sift through what you are telling us. We’ll narrow our focus and get ready for another round of dreaming in the fall.

Dream big and dream God sized dreams.

Cornerstone Church welcomes Dustin Adams!

I’m excited to announce that Cornerstone is adding Dustin Adams to our staff team. Dustin will be stepping into the role of leading worship at our Hamilton Road site as I transition to our newest site in Opelika at the Irish Bred Pub.

Dustin and his wife, Shelly, will be moving from Atlanta back to the area after the first of the year. Both Dustin and Shelly graduated from Auburn University in May of 2011 and are eager to once again call this home. Auburn is a special place for them as they met here in school and also served in ministry together at Auburn United Methodist Church during that time.

Dustin has been leading worship for the last nine years. During college, he traveled with his own band across the southeast playing camps and retreats. After college he had the great opportunity to complete a nine-month intensive internship with North Point Community Church, being shaped by the worship staff there. Currently Dustin has been leading regularly at Roswell UMC just outside of metro Atlanta.

There is no doubt in my mind that Dustin has a heart for leading people in worship and that God has gifted him in this way. He and Shelly are looking forward to investing themselves into the life of Cornerstone and this community in the years to come. I hope that you’ll welcome them warmly as they join us in leading people to know and serve Jesus.

Cornerstone welcomes Nate Robinson

We would like to give Nate a warm welcome to our Cornerstone staff team. Many of you have know Nate for years, and we are very excited that he agreed to step into the role previously held by Mark Fuller as our Building and Grounds Specialist.

Nate moved to Auburn in 2003 after graduating from high school. After living in Auburn for close to a year, Nate started looking for a church home and found Cornerstone at the Skate Center. After another year or so of attending Cornerstone, he knew he had to start getting involved after the move to the Hamilton Road site. Nate felt the growing desire to no longer sit on the sidelines and decided to go with Cornerstone on a mission trip to Ecuador.

After returning from that mission trip Nate got involved in the Man2Man group which met on Tuesday mornings. He was an integral part of that group for many years, and once again he felt the call to find other men he could walk alongside with in the heart of discipleship.

Nate’s role as a staff member of Cornerstone is of one who does the heavy lifting when no one is around to see it. With a servant’s heart, often times Nate will be preparing for an event late at night or early in the morning so when everyone arrives, everything is already prepared. Nate truly has a heart to serve others while fulfilling the mission of Cornerstone. We are blessed to have him on staff, and if you see him during the week or on Sunday morning  please offer him your thanks for his service to the church body.

Scott Fillmer, Business Administrator

Introducing Scott Fillmer

Many of you already know Scott as the bald headed IT guy for Cornerstone Church. Scott has been on staff for four years giving leadership to our information technology and web site strategy. A few months ago we added to his role when we asked him to lead our daily financial efforts.

Scott graduated from the University of AL Birmingham with a degree in accounting. While his passion centers around technology, we realized he also has the skills to manage our finances. Scott works closely with our finance team to make sure all our income is properly counted and recorded. He also impacts our financial strategy as part of the bigger team that works with our cash flow and budget.

Scott is close to completing a Masters in Theology from Liberty University. He is also a very talented (and humble) photographer as you can see if you go to his blog.

We are fortunate to have Scott on the staff team as our Business Administrator. If you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, take a few minutes and grab him on a Sunday morning. Just don’t stand there too long or he might whip out his iPhone and take your picture.