Aimee Northrup – Elementary Ministry Coordinator

I serve at Cornerstone as the Elementary Ministry Coordinator and get to hang out with kids and families in Rock City on Sunday mornings. My husband Wyatt and I have been married for eight years and we have two sweet kiddos, John Embry and Elizabeth. Our family loves being outside, spending time at the lake, grilling out with friends and neighbors, and Auburn football of course!

  • Where are you from: Montgomery, AL
  • When did you join the Cornerstone staff: May 2012
  • Who do you look up to today: One of the people I look up to today is my husband’s grandmother, Mimi. Though she has endured many trials and challenges throughout her 91 years, she has solid and genuine faith that is evident by her actions. To this day, she still serves in her community in several ways. She lives out the gospel quite naturally. I want to be like her “when I grow up.”
  • What is your greatest passion in life: My greatest passion right now is seeking out what “making disciples” really means with my own kids, with the kids that I get to know in Rock City, and with a group of amazing ladies that I get to hang out with each week. For so many years I soaked up so much of Jesus’s teaching and was always wanting to learn more, but didn’t realize the importance of investing in others and helping them grow as disciples. I’m daily trying to trust God with what that looks like in our busy, chaotic world.
  • Why did God call you to serve on staff at Cornerstone: I don’t know, my “career path” out of college was somewhat winding with a few years spent as a civil engineer bored to tears sitting in a cubicle. And then a second degree followed in elementary education, because I wanted to do something where I interacted with others and made a difference. I never would have guessed that, for now, that path would have led to my role at Cornerstone where I am able to see God working constantly in the lives of families and children. From time to time through interactions with our volunteers, with families in our ministry and of course with the kids in Rock City, I’m reminded of why God has called me to serve Cornerstone in this way and at this time. I’m so thankful for that opportunity! There’s no job like it!!