If you read nothing else, this week is our ‘sex talk’ week at youth!

We are studying through the Sermon on the Mount this semester, and we have come to Matthew 5:27-30.

Now, before you start worrying about all the conversations you have or haven’t had with your students yet, please know that Ginny and I approach this week with as much caution and wisdom as possible.  We don’t want to make any of you feel like we are pushing this conversation into your home.  We completely understand that every student is at a different stage of knowledge of this subject.  Our goal is to help each student understand the importance of viewing this subject in the proper light, the way God intended it to be viewed!

Middle School will be discussing: 

In Middles school, we will answer the questions of “what is lust,” “What is sexual sin,” and “what is sexual integrity?”  We will not get into the nitty-gritty details of sex but we will tell them how lust is a strong sexual desire and how God intended sex  to be between  two married people!  We will encourage our students to not deal with these sins in private, but to bring it to a trusted friend or mentor.  Our hope is that our Middle school students leave Sunday night, understanding what sin looks like when it comes to sex.

High School will be discussing: 

In High School, we will be a little more direct with our approach of this topic.  We know our students are encountering sex every day on multiple levels.  We will discuss God’s design for sex and why we strive to uphold our sexual integrity.  We will encourage our students to be open and honest about the things they are struggling with or encountering.  We want our students to know that lust is just like any other sin, and when we keep that sin in the dark, it can destroy us.  Exposing it to the light is the only way forward! I will mention sexting, porn, where is the line, and all the other questions high school kids have but won’t talk about.  All of this is to encourage our students to be open about their struggles!  We are working out of Matthew 5:27-30, with the premise that lust is sinful outside of your spouse.


All this being said, please feel free to email me with any questions you have about these discussions.  We don’t want any parents to be blindsided by questions didn’t know were coming!  Look forward to hearing from you and we appreciate all of you and your students.


God Bless!

Marcus Popenfoose