Hello Parents!

We continued our study of Matthew 5 this week by looking at verses 13-16 from Jesus’s Sermon on the Mount.  This section focussed on Jesus’s call to his followers to be salt and light to the world.

In ancient times, salt had 2 primary purposes.  The first purpose of salt was to help preserve food in a time where there was no refrigerators or freezers!  Thus, Jesus is calling us to be a preservative in this world!  That means we, as followers, are called to preserve God’s goodness here on this earth. This doesn’t mean we can fix everything, but it does mean we do what we can to prevent the moral decay of our society.  We don’t add to the rottenness of this world, we try and prevent it!

The second purpose salt has was to enhance the flavor of food!  That means all christians must but adequate salt on all their food… Just kidding.  It means that we are to positively enhance the world around us.  People should look at christ-followers and think, ‘huh that  person has great relationships and loves people so well.’  When we enhance the world around us, we glorify our Father.   So, be the salt.

Light has one main purpose, to cast out darkness.  This concept is simple- but profound.  When we accept Jesus into our hearts and become followers of Christ, His light shines in and through us.  This light has a purpose, to cast out darkness.  It is not our own light that accomplishes this, but only Christ’s light inside of us!

Salt that is not salty, does not fulfill it’s purpose.  Light that is blocked from shining, does not fulfill it’s purpose.  Jesus made it clear that when we follow him, not only do we take on new identities, but we are called to fulfill the purpose he has laid before us.  We fulfill this purpose because Jesus has made us new.  He has made us salt and light, and to say we are salt and light, but not be salty and not be shining, means we have not fulfilled our purpose.

Talking Points:

  1. What does it look like to be salt and light in your daily life?
  2. Why does our faith in Jesus require action?
  3. Are you being a light in the darkness of this world? If not, what are you going to do to start?

We are saved by faith alone.  Our faith in Christ DEMANDS action.  Therefore, we strive for an active faith that looks the way Jesus says it should look.  When our faith is active, our Father is glorified.

Have a great week and be a light in the darkness!

Marcus Popenfoose