This week at Cornerstone Youth we learned about Isaac’s oldest son, Esau.  When Rebekah was pregnant with Esau and Jacob, the two struggled in her womb. She cried out to the Lord asking “why is this happening to me?”  The Lord takes this opportunity to reveal to her that there are two nations in her womb and that the older would serve the younger.  God, showing his sovereignty, tells Rebekah exactly how her sons’ lives would play out.

Sunday night we focussed specifically on Genesis 25:29-34.  This is the story of Esau selling his birthright to Jacob.  This story begins with Esau coming in from the fields and asking (practically begging) Jacob for some soup.  Jacob, noticing how hungry his brother is, takes this opportunity to seize the birthright from his older brother.  He sells Esau some soup in exchange for Esau’s birthright.  So we wanted to answer some basic questions about this story.

What is a birthright?  The birthright is the inheritance of the eldest son.  In those days every son would inherit some portion of their father’s estate.  The oldest son would inherit double what the other sons would inherit, while also being the one that the bloodline would continue through.

Why did Jacob want the birthright and Esau didn’t?  Esau was indifferent to his birthright.  He did not care about it or all the promises that came with it.  Esau was only concerned with his own desires.  He did not care about the promise the Lord had made to Isaac’s offspring.  That is Esau’s big crime in this story; indifference.  As we read this story we realize that Jacob is no angel.  His intentions are not pure whatsoever.  The difference is that Jacob is not indifferent to the promises of the Lord.  Esau’s own sin sealed his fate.  He had little regard for the Word of God and it’s promises.

We landed by acknowledging that Jesus does not us to have a lukewarm faith.  Our faith should inform everything we do.  It should be our main priority at all times!  Don’t be indifferent to the promises of the Lord!  Live unabashedly for Him right now!  God has called each of us and we are all ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.’  We need to act like this is true!  Esau didn’t care, Jacob did.  One was saved because of his faith, and one wasn’t.  It’s important to always remember that our actions are a reflection of our faith!

 Talking points:

  1. Who was Jacob? Who was Esau?  
  2. What is a birthright? Why was Esau so nonchalant about selling his birthright to Jacob?
  3. Who did The Lord favor? Why?
  4. In what way are we sometimes like Jacob? In what way are we sometimes like Esau?

We hope that y’all are taking the time to talk about these stories with your students.  Help them understand that everything in scripture points to Jesus and our need for Him! As always, if you need anything let us know!


God Bless,