Last night was a great first teaching night here at Cornerstone Youth!  We cracked open our Bibles to Genesis and studied the story of Noah in chapters 6-9. Noah lived in a time when “the wickedness of man was great in the earth” and “the thoughts of his[mans] heart was only evil continually.”  God was disappointed with mankind, so he saw fit to destroy it with a flood.  However, God saves Noah and his family because Noah was “righteous.” So, the Lord instructs Noah to build an ark and fill it with animals.  Then the Lord tells Noah to load up and get ready!  The flood hits and Noah and his family survive on the ark because they were obedient to what the Lord had commanded of them.  When the waters recede, Noah gets off the boat and offers a burnt sacrifice to the Lord.  The Lord than makes a promise to Noah that He will never again wipe mankind from the earth.

As we study through the Word this year, we will constantly strive to answer two questions from every piece of scripture we read.

  1. Why is this story important to us today?
  2. How does it point towards the Gospel?

The story of Noah is important because it reveals something that is still true today.  The wickedness of man requires divine intervention.  Ever since the fall, man has been given to sin.  It is a part of our nature.  The people of Noah’s time were wicked and depraved because they continually lived in this sin, until it was all they knew.  We live in a society that says it’s okay to live in sin and accept it. The story of Noah shows us what happens when we believe that lie.  It’s easy to see the parallels between where society is heading today and where Noah’s society was, prior to the flood.

But the good news is we have hope!  Noah was not a perfect man, but God saved him because he was righteous.  Last night we asked “why was Noah righteous?”  The simple answer is that Noah was counted as righteous because of his faith in God and his willingness to be obedient.  Thus Noah’s faith made him righteous, and saved him.  This is still true for us today.  We are saved because we are counted as righteous in Christ.  We are counted as righteous in Christ because we have faith in Christ.  This is why we put our faith first.  Christ paid our debt once and for all, and our faith in and obedience to Christ saves us from death!  Because of this, we celebrate!

Talking Points for your students:

  1. Ask your students to tell you the story of Noah and explain why God saved him.
  2. Why was Noah considered righteous?
  3. Why should your faith be #1 in your life? What does that look like?


Take a moment to sit down and ask your students these questions.  Have a discussion with them and help them understand the importance of the story of Noah.  And, like always, let us know if there is anyway we can help!

God Bless,

Marcus Popenfoose