22496286075_d429321e76_zFall is in the air!! So, this means football, leaves turning, cooler temperatures, fun and excitement. For us here at the church it also means our annual “Trunk or Treat” is right around the corner – October 30 at 4pm to be exact. For those of you who may be new to Cornerstone, “Trunk or Treat” is something we’ve been doing for around 15 years. The event entails people volunteering to decorate their car trunk in any fun, crazy (not too scary) way and provide goodies (candies, prizes, small toys, etc.) so that children can come around to each car and “Trunk or Treat”.  Children (and many parents!) are encouraged to dress in (once again, not too scary) Halloween costumes. This is the second year for our “Pie Baking Contest” which features the best apple, pecan and pumpkin pies in town (with amazing prizes)! There is free food (hotdogs, chili, chips, cookies and drinks) and just a whole lot of fun!

22496142505_9beae57cac_zNow, why do we do this? Just for fun? As a potential alternative to Halloween? The answer is “YES”. But, there’s more. It is also a way for us to participate in an important value of the church – building community. In Acts 2:42-47 we see a picture of the early Christians “doing church”. They were worshipping together, learning together, serving together, eating together, and fellowshipping together. All of these practices are important to building community in a church. That’s why we intentionally plan events that bring people from our church family and community together so we can eat, celebrate, worship and fellowship together. “Trunk or Treat” is definitely one of those events! Another component to this is bringing someone with you that does not have a connection to the church. This is a perfect way to introduce them to a church activity that is very non-threatening.

So here are your next steps to participate in “Trunk or Treat”:
1. Sign up to do a trunk here.
2. Sign up to enter a pie in the Pie Baking Contest here.
3. Sign up to volunteer at Trunk or Treat here.
4. Invite a friend to “Trunk or Treat” who might not come on a Sunday morning.
5. Meet someone new when they come to “Trunk or Treat”.

For more information on “Trunk or Treat” go here. See ya on October 30!