Our fall community groups will be kicking off the week of September 5 with an all church short term study of Mark Batterson’s IF. The study is five weeks and will be held in HOST homes throughout the Auburn and Opelika communities. If you are not currently in a group and want to be part of this study you can sign up below.

Short Term Community Group- IF Study

The study is designed to gather in homes focused on neighborhoods so you can get to know the people at Cornerstone who live near you. There is no long term commitment to the group you join for this study beyond the five weeks. The group or even part of the group can decide to become a formal Cornerstone community group beyond the five weeks.

Once the five weeks is over we will offer new long term community groups. Our prayer is the experience of the short term study will kick start new groups focused on a growing relationship with Jesus and serving our community.

Need a question answered? Send an email to Jack Fisher, our community groups coordinator.