SlideWeb-RadiusLord, Have Mercy!!!  With the heat index last week hitting its highest mark of the summer, would you expect teenagers to 1) be at the pool, 2) stay inside in the a/c getting their summer reading done, or 3) pouring their hearts out serving others?  If you said option 3, we need to talk!!!

Cornerstone Youth was represented by 23 6th-8th graders and 5 adult/college leaders serving with Radius Mission Camp here in our community.  When I say they poured their hearts out serving others, they really did a phenomenal job being lead by Brittany Krietemeyer, Ginny Hand, Richard Meinert, Max Tessier and Layton Dyess.  This was our 4th summer serving our local community alongside Radius Mission Camp and was one of the best years we have experienced.  The youth and leaders were encouraged and challenged by the theme word of the week, Mercy.

Our team served in two locations, with Esperanza House and Harbor House.  The homes are part of a network of homes dedicated to being a safe, Christ-centered home for children and families to be encouraged in their faith by experiencing the grace of Jesus.

IMG_1937Esperanza House is located on East Magnolia Drive and focuses on the Hispanic community in our area. Esperanza is the Spanish word for Hope!  Our team certainly provided hope as they cleared away weeds and small trees for a future project of placing a swing set and play area for the children; provided lunch, a devotion and playtime each day to around 20 children.  During the school year, Esperanza House provides tutoring for school and ESL.  Our partner there, Ms. Odalys, is a wonderful blessing to our community, and we were happy to come alongside her and the people who love our Hispanic community.

IMG_1952Harbor House is located on Mary Brooks Drive, across the street from the Boykin Community Center.  The team at this site weeded a way overgrown garden, painted book shelves, trimmed out bushes, placed rock to lessen erosion from roof drainage and made a patio using 94 concrete pavers.  About 4-5 neighborhood youth joined them in their efforts, and we even got to celebrate 2 of their birthdays with cupcakes!  Steve and Kim Boston are leading the ministry at Harbor House, and we loved getting to partner with them.

IMG_1970The youth were challenged during the evening worship by the speaker DJ.  He shared his real life difficulties and joys of extending “Mercy” in some of the most challenging circumstances.  I believe our youth were encouraged as they grew in their understanding of mercy and serving others because of what they experienced last week at Radius Mission Camp.

To see more photos from their week, go here. And I almost forgot, there were no bat sitings this year!!!!!

Pat Bethea
Youth Pastor