The world is continually convincing us that it knows what is best – the wisdom of the world so to speak would have us only and always look to ourselves for truth, validation, and direction. Thankfully the Lord knows fully well that people are fickle, waves tossed by the wind, sheep in need of shepherd, as Jesus would put it. The Bible is overflowing with the wisdom of God that nearly always runs counter to the current of worldly wisdom that engulfs his sons and daughters. While the nature of temptation has changed since the Bible’s writing and composition, the church’s need for Godly wisdom has always been evident.

Within the Bible itself, God ordained the writing of Proverbs to be a book dedicated to the wisdom of God, our need to pursue it, and its fruit in our life, should we take seriously the counsel therein. This week we started a new sermon series, Proverb: a four week look at the impact pursuing what God has ordained to be highest and best for his people has on our day to day lives. Proverbs is all about growing in wisdom, understanding knowledge, and applying it in our lives. At the end of our series, the hope is that we as the people of Cornerstone would value wisdom, cherish it even, and pursue it in our lives as we enter in to this Fall.

Lee Cadden
Associate Teaching Pastor