Equip-Bible Study FINAL

One of the single most obvious, yet often avoided, ways to grow in our faith and love of the Lord is the study of His Word. Swept up in our piles of unfinished to-do lists, reading and deeply studying the riches God has left for his people in his written Word often fall down to the bottom of our priority lists. For some this is a willful decision – not placing God’s word as a high priority and primary authority in their lives; but for most us, life happens. We get busy, frantically so most days in my case, and sometime as I’m dozing off on the couch after kids are down and the kitchen is clean, I ask myself….did I spend time with God today? Did I sit still in his presence, seeking his face and his love for me by His Spirit and through his Word? If I’m asking that question at 9 pm, I already know the answer.

Even if it is only for 10 minutes, every day needs time set aside to be still, listening for the voice of God, breathing in his presence by our Spirit, knowing in our souls that we are loved by the Eternal even when the world says we are not worth it.

And then, and I believe we should value this spiritual practice more deeply than we often do, there are times in our week where we should immerse ourselves in His word. The Bible is rich, far richer than we will ever understand. Its depths are truly unfathomable, and yet the Holy Spirit is always wooing us, drawing us out in to deeper waters as our faith in him is tested and grown.

When and if we submit to the Lord’s leading us out into these deep waters of studying our Bibles, scripture promises that we will never be the same. The Bible is a guide, yes, but it is also a deep and beautiful river. It is both the map and the treasure we seek.

Our hope and prayer with our time at Equip:Bible Study is that we would begin or continue developing our deep love of the Bible and learn new skills for studying God’s word in a transformative way. The Bible truly has something to say about everything in this world and the one to come. In an age of skepticism and relativism toward truth, the people of God have an incredible resource in the Bible, but if we as His people don’t know where in scripture something is answered, or at least how to begin the journey of discovering truth….well I will just say that that is sad.

We will meet two Tuesdays in June – 6/7 and 6/14 from 6-7 pm and then for four Tuesdays in a row,  7/12 – 8/1,  also from 6-7 pm. While parents are attending Equip: Bible Study, children will have the opportunity to enjoy fun games and activities that will help them learn important facts and spiritual truths about God’s word. Cornerstone Kids will be open for infants though 5th grade. Register your children and yourself at cornerstonebuzz.org.

God give us the desire to know you more, to love you more, and to seek truth in your word as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Lee Cadden
College Pastor