wsc.logoMost of the time we connect large crowds with success – a sold out concert, a line to purchase the newest iPhone and, most recently, a packed drive-thru at the new Krispy Kreme Donut Shop in Auburn. In the church world, crowds don’t necessarily equal success, but they are an indicator that something good might be going on. And that is true for our WinShape Camp for Communities that we held last summer. We had a total 290 campers, and that was a tight crowd in our building for a week.

With an expectation of an even larger attendance at WinShape Camp this summer (we have 280 campers registered as of today), we started looking for another option to hosting the camp in our facilities. We talked to several public and private entities, and nothing worked out. Resigned to the possibility we would have to host in our building again, we reached out to one more group.

Over a lunch, with no particular agenda, I asked Bobby Jones, Associate Pastor of Student and Family Ministries at Parkway Baptist Church in Auburn, if Parkway might be interested in working with us for WinShape. Bobby said he would take it to the staff team he works with at Parkway and ask. After meeting with them he came back with a resounding yes, and it was a yes only God could have orchestrated.  

We are excited to announce that Parkway Baptist Church is a facility partner with us for WinShape 2016 the week of June 20-24. While Cornerstone is still the official host, Parkway has welcomed us into their amazing building and gymnasium for the week of Winshape 2016.

We are grateful that Parkway Baptist Church sees this as a Kingdom opportunity to impact the lives of as many as 400 kids from our community. We plan to respect and be good stewards of what has been offered to us for the week of WinShape. We will provide more details of what to expect if your child will be attending WinShape in later communication.

For more information about WinShape Camps for Communities go here.