Hola Amigos!

IMG_20160407_221139999My Spanish needs some serious work! I’ll be doing a little brushing up on it in the near future. In fact I’ll be looking for others who are fluent in Spanish to help me out because our church will be partnering in ministry with Christ Our Rock church in Tipitapa, Nicaragua, very soon!

This partnership is something that God has brought to us in a very clear way. It is very similar to the process that took us to Uganda over 8 years ago. Only this time instead of a children’s choir showing up unexpectedly at our church, it came through a family in our church (Ray and Sonya Abner) who have been connected to Christ Our Rock and their pastors Marvin and Grethel for several years. After hearing of the ministry from Ray, we decided to check out what was happening. Ray agreed to take anyone who was interested down to experience it first hand. So, after sending several small teams down to see and participate in the ministry, we found their mission and vision aligned with our church’s mission and vision. They place a high value on reaching children with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. They do this through weekly children’s gatherings with games, worship, teaching and fun. Also, at the end of the program, they are fed a nutritious meal. By the end of the night they are fed physically and spiritually. Marvin and Grethel are also committed to training Biblically sound leaders who share in the ministry by teaching groups and helping organize classes. They have a vision for multiplying the feeding program into other areas outside of Tipitapa as well as growing the Kingdom through evangelism and preaching the Gospel. This is a viable and fruitful work that is happening in a highly under-resourced area.

While I was down visiting the church last week I saw several ways that Cornerstone could come along side to help their vision become a reality. Our Executive Team has already approved that we begin to take steps in formalizing a partnership. Soon there will be a series of meetings to map out things like future trips and the projects in which we will be involved. Also, we will communicate these trips to the whole church as soon as they are planned.

So, now we have two overseas mission opportunities in which people can participate. God is broadening our mission of leading people to know and serve Jesus! We will continue to stay behind Him so He can lead us to the places we need to go.

Keep your eyes open for the next trip. Then sign up and go!

Adios! Dios te bendiga!

Rusty Hutson
Senior Pastor