Hope-of-EasterOne word sums up this time of the year so well I think – Pollen!! Well, actually (while that is one relevant word) the word I was thinking of was “hope”. We’ve been talking about hope during our current sermon series “Hope Rising”. Hope is something everyone needs in life. Hope says anything is possible and miracles can happen. That’s exactly what Easter is all about! Because Jesus rose from the dead, we too can have victory over death and live for eternity in heaven. If God can do a miracle in one man’s life then he can do it anyone’s life.

I think about these words from Lee Strobel who wrote a book called The Case for Hope

You see, the death and the burial and the resurrection of Jesus happened over three days. Friday was the day of suffering and pain and agony. Saturday was the day of doubt and confusion and misery. But Easter—that Sunday—was the day of hope and joy and victory.

And here’s the fact of life: you will face these three days over and over and over in your lifetime. And when you do, you’ll find yourself asking—as I did—three fundamental questions. Number one, ‘What do I do in my days of pain?’ Two, ‘How do I get through my days of doubt and confusion?’ Three, ‘How do I get to the days of joy and victory?’

The answer is Easter. The answer … is Easter.

I agree with Lee that the answer to the question of issues in our life is Easter. Because of the resurrection, through Christ, we can overcome anything.

We’ll talk about this and more at all of our services this week and on Sunday. The schedule looks like this:

Thursday – Maundy Thursday  7 – 11 pm – There will be a guided Worship time from 7 – 8 pm. Immediately following worship there will be an open time in the Worship Area to pray and meditate about the cross until 11 pm. Communion will be offered as well.

Friday – Good Friday Service at 6:30 pm

Easter Sunday – 6:15 am Sunrise service at Lee Scott Academy with our friends at Embrace Church. Then we’ll have three services at Cornerstone – 8 am, 9:30 am and 11 am.

You will not want to miss any of these services. Just a reminder that Easter is a great time to invite someone to worship with you.

I certainly hope to see you this week and Sunday morning!

Rusty Hutson
Senior Pastor