Cornerstone’s first steps into Uganda were through the Child Development Program (CDP) of Africa Renewal University (ARM). We were introduced to the CDP and ARM when the Mwangaza Children’s Choir performed on a Sunday night at Cornerstone eight years ago. That night began a long partnership that has led us to where we are today in Uganda.

In the words of Africa Renewal Ministries:

The Child Development is one of the core programs of ARM. The program started in 1999 as a child sponsorship program. As the program grew over the years, ARM saw the need to evolve the sponsorship program into a child development program in 2009. The child development program is unique in that it allows our children access to holistic nurturing and growth development. The program focuses on integrating leadership & spiritual development into the bodily development of a child, revitalizing the child from the inside out! Today, the program is running in 24 locations throughout Uganda, and caring for approximately 8,200 children.

It is the focus on leadership development that has driven so much of what ARM does in Africa. There are 340 children sponsored by families at Cornerstone who, one day, will hopefully be in leadership positions and able to impact the future of Uganda.

The next step for Cornerstone with the CDP is to find a way to get some of our sponsored kids into Africa Renewal University (ARU). The cost for a three year bachelors degree at ARU is $3600 US dollars. That includes tuition, room and board.

The difference for a child that goes on to university in Uganda is huge. Not only do they have a chance for their economic status to change but they can leverage their degree to change the future of Uganda. And, since ARU is a Christian university, the hope is they will go on to share Jesus in their workplace and with anyone they interact with.

If you want to know more about the CDP, our next trip to Uganda in July, or anything related to our efforts in Uganda please contact me. My email is or call the church at 334-887-1152.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations