Africa Renewal University (ARU) is one of our partners in Uganda. They are a new university that was officially formed in 2012 ,and they currently serve 350 students. In their own words, they “exist to prepare Africa’s future leaders to face the challenges created by years of wars, child abductions, corruption, and poverty.”

We began partnering with ARU almost two years ago when we began dreaming with them about a medical center on the property of ARU. That dream has become a reality and will begin operating in the next few weeks. The medical center is just the beginning of our partnering and dreaming with them.

We know that two of the greatest assets Cornerstone has in our community are Auburn University and Southern Union State Community College. With that in mind, we began conversations with ARU about how these resources could help and compliment what ARU is doing. In the beginning the exchange of ideas and curriculum will be important but eventually an exchange program of people, to and from Uganda, will be key. These will be short term exchanges of up to two weeks for professors to teach at ARU during the “Holiday Session” and up to a year where people from Auburn will live and serve alongside the professors and students at ARU.

Our desire would be to have professors, college administration and students who attend Cornerstone to lead the way in this effort. Eventually we hope many people from the Auburn-Opelika community who don’t attend Cornerstone will follow our lead and serve at ARU as well. We have so much to offer ARU in the university world, and they have many things to offer us that we feel it will be an effective partnership in helping ARU work towards their vision.

ARU has an aggressive plan they want to reach by 2024. It is well thought out, and they are well on their way to achieving it. You can find the plan here.

Our next trip to Uganda will leave the second week of July. If you have a desire to learn more about how you can play a role in partnering with ARU or you want to know more about going to Uganda on the July trip, please send me an email.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations