IMG_0272 IMG_0282The medical center building construction is complete, and what a beautiful building it is. It is obvious the contractor cared about his work, it shows in the details; everything from the thoughtful design of each room to the quality materials to the clean, straight lines.

As we walked around the community of Buloba the excitement around the opening of the medical clinic was obvious. Because white people, called Muzungus by the locals in Uganda, stand out like a sore thumb, it was obvious something was going on in the community. Muzungus don’t visit very often, and when we do it is usually for a missionary effort. We were asked several times as we walked “when will the clinic open?”

Once the medical center is open it will serve the staff and students at Africa Renewal University only for the first year. This will allow the clinic and those serving there to get their feet on the ground, establish systems and feel confident in their purpose and mission.

After year one the plan is to open the medical center to the Buloba community. This will make a huge impact on the community and, based on a survey done by a Cornerstone team who went two years ago, having a medical center is the number one biggest need for the people in the Buloba community. And the need is not just a convenience but literally a matter of life and death for many people.

As we plan trips to Uganda, one area of focus will be on the medical center. During the first year we will need people who have gifts in the medical field. Doctors, nurses, administrators, paramedics, EMTs, dentists, public health workers and others will be needed to advise and help set up systems.

Once the medical center is open to the public, the plan is to use the clinic as a basecamp to do outreach through multiple medical mission efforts. These efforts will require not only people with medical backgrounds but also people like me who can barely bandage a cut finger. This group of people will help fill out forms, organize equipment and patients, provide support and most importantly pray with and for the community the clinic will serve.

The clinic is in the process of finalizing all it’s government required paperwork. If all goes well they plan to have a soft opening the first of March with a formal opening and celebration a few months later.

The bottom line for our trips going forward to Uganda is to support the vision of Africa Renewal Ministries, which includes Africa Renewal University, the Medical Center, and the child development program. Africa Renewal University has a 2024 master plan that outlines their vision and is a great read if you plan to support the efforts of Cornerstone in Uganda in any way.

Our next trip planned for Uganda in 2016 will leave on July 6 and return on July 14. These dates may shift a little based on ticket prices and availability, but we will try and keep them within a day or two of what is posted here. If you are interested in finding out more about going to Uganda or specifically going in July please send me an email.

Next week in the eNews I will talk about Cornerstone’s focus on Africa Renewal University’s staff and students.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations