Pastor Renson of the University Chapel
Pastor Renson of the University Chapel

Eight years ago God opened the door for Cornerstone Church to begin a journey to partner with Buloba Community Church (BCC) in Uganda.  BCC was a new church plant in the Buloba community and part of the Africa Renewal Ministries church planting efforts.

Over the past eight years Cornerstone has sent an average of four teams a year to work with BCC. The teams have done everything from putting rain catches on houses to playing soccer with the kids to praying with and for the Buloba community. We have built a church, added classroom space to the local school and drilled a well.

Alongside the teams and the work done at BCC, the people of Cornerstone are sponsoring 345 children through the Buloba Child Development program. The sponsorships support programs that focus on integrating leadership and spiritual development into the bodily development of a child.

After eight years of a very encouraging partnership, we know the door has gently closed on any future work directly with BCC. We have accomplished everything we set out to do and more.

While that door was closing, another door right down the red dirt road in Buloba was opening. Africa Renewal Ministries launched a university less than a mile from Buloba Community Church. The vision for the university, called Africa Renewal University (ARU), was big. It included multiple degrees, a chapel and a medical center.

As many of you know, we are heavily involved in the medical center by providing funds for construction and supplies, as well as prayers. We are also supporting Pastor Renson’s salary at the University Chapel.

As Cornerstone moves forward in Uganda, our focus will be on supporting the community of Buloba through the activities of the Child Development Program and Africa Renewal University. The four areas we will put our efforts towards are: the Medical Center, the University’s staff and students, the Chapel and the Child Development Program.

Over the next several weeks I will be highlighting each of the four areas of focus in more detail. We are in the process of planning a trip for a team that will leave around the 5th of July. Specific dates will be determined based on airline ticket prices and availability as well as the makeup of the team. If you are interested in more information about going to Uganda, please contact me at

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations