As I write this, the Uganda team is on a layover in Amsterdam on our way home. We have spent the last five days in many meetings with many people in Gaba, Buloba, and on the campus of Africa Renewal University.

IMG_0320It has been a very productive week focused on identifying new vision as we figure out the changes our Ugandan partner, Africa Renewal Ministries, is making. These changes are in how the Child Development Program (CDP) relates to the Buloba community and the 340 children Cornerstone Church sponsors in that community.

We also were in Uganda to visit Africa Renewal University (ARU) and the medical center recently completed on campus. This is the medical center Cornerstone has supported with funds and prayers over the last two years.IMG_0281

Our next step as a team is to consolidate our experience into a summary. With that summary we will talk with our staff leadership and our Executive Team leadership and develop a strategy going forward. Once that strategy is developed we will begin making concrete plans for teams to go to Uganda.

The one thing I am sure of in Uganda is the same thing I discovered on my first trip there. God has been working in Uganda long before Cornerstone got there, and He will be working there long after we leave. Our job is simply to serve the people of Uganda and let them see Jesus in all that we do.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations