It is time to stop. Stop being so busy, stop being so hurried, stop feeling the pressure that our decisions not to slow down puts on our life. Stop squeezing Jesus out of our life because we just don’t have time. If we don’t make the brave decision to deal with the pace and the busyness that we have allowed, then it will catch up with us. I have a feeling that when it does catch up, it won’t be pretty.

With the new year many people step back and take a look at their life and make decisions to change. The problem with many of those decisions is we don’t invite people around us to hold us accountable. You can both make that decision to slow down to focus on Jesus as well as invite friends to hold you accountable by joining a Simplify HOST Home.

For the next four Sundays, Cornerstone Church will be teaching about how to simplify your life, how to unclutter your soul. This series is based on Bill Hybels book “Simplify”. Along with the Sunday morning teaching, we are inviting you to join a group for the four weeks of the series to go beyond Sunday morning and have a conversation with others about slowing down. The groups will meet four times in homes throughout Auburn and Opelika .

To join a HOST Home click here and choose the day of the week, time and neighborhood that fits you.

You will be able to send an email to the HOST Home leader requesting to join the group. Please make sure you are asking to join a HOST Home and not a Community Group. The HOST Homes are limited to 14 people and are open to all until they reach their maximum capacity. If you have any questions about how to sign up, please send an email to Jack Fisher.

Begin living your life with more intention and clarity. Join us this Sunday morning as the series begins and sign up to be a part of a HOST home community.