Wow, I think Trunk or Treat 2015 was a hit! I don’t know about you, but I had a blast! (I got to build a volcano for one of our youth small groups!) There were lots of new faces in the crowd. I spoke to several people who were visiting for the first time. We had hotdogs, a cookie bar (yes, that’s right, a COOKIE bar!), incredible pies, lots of hilarious costumes, fun and creative trunks, and a really good time of fellowship. Not to mention the weather turned out perfect and Fall-ish.IMG_8398

Just want to give you an idea on the numbers from the big event…

Number of hotdogs eaten – 500

Number of cookies eaten – 500

Number of pies submitted in pie contest – 22

Number of trunks decorated – approximately 25

So, as you can see it was a big day!

22470200906_d60bc3dd04_mNow, while this yearly event is a whole lot of fun, there is also a whole lot of planning, intentionality and purpose that goes into it. It lives out several of our church’s values (relevance, authenticity, team, community, commitment). One of the primary purposes for Trunk or Treat is to connect with our community. We get to invite families with children to a fun event, with free food, a safe trunk or treating environment, games, and then they leave with a bag full of goodies. As a church we get a big kick out of showing the “no strings attached” love of God to our community by giving stuff away. Trunk or Treat is one of the events that helps us do that while at the same time helping us fulfill our value of community. In order to pull off all of this fun, it requires a lot of volunteers. Frankly, this is a great (and easy) opportunity for people to jump in and help make Trunk or Treat happen. This fulfills our value of “team” – lots of people working together in the name of Christ for the sake of our community. While in some way all of our values are lived out in this one event, the primary targets are “community” and “team.”IMG_8406

In general, we see Trunk or Treat as one more link in the chain of our church’s mission and strategy of leading people to know and serve Jesus. So, for everyone who jumped in to decorate a trunk, bake a pie, setup/teardown, pick up the trash, cook a hotdog, serve chili, make cookies, create a costume, etc, etc. – THANK YOU!! For everyone who came and had a great time of fellowship, food and fun – THANK YOU!!

Can’t wait for next year! But, somebody else is building the volcano :^)


P.S. To see more photos of the fun, go here.