The progress on constructing the new medical clinic in Buloba has been amazing. When I consider the way in which the Ugandan workers have to do what they do in construction without large equipment, I am impressed. The clinic will be ready to go by the new year. With that in mind, we are planning our first trip to help get the clinic up and running.

In January a small group made up of Kerri and Robert Hensarling, as well as my wife Amy and I are going for a six day trip. Robert works at Auburn University as Director of Agricultural Land & Resource Management and has experience in Community Planning and Development. Kerri is a physician at Lee OB/Gyn with a passion for women’s health. Amy has 20 years experience in medical management and administration and is the Administrator at Lee OB/Gyn. I am pretty confident in this team and their abilities and how God has gifted them.

The main purpose of this trip is to come alongside the professionals in Buloba and Kampala and help develop systems and best practices for the medical clinic. We also hope to use Robert’s skills in community development to help as we talk about outreach to the community from the clinic. It will be an opportunity for us to help them, but just as important, for them to help us understand the culture of medicine and medical outreach in Uganda. The knowledge we both gain will help us on future trips focused on the Medical Center and its services.

We are planning our 2016 calendar of trips to Uganda now. Once we have each trip confirmed with our partners in Buloba, we will begin promoting them. Our plan is that the schedule will be completed by late October. In the meantime, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to grab me on a Sunday morning or send me an email to To see more recent photos of the clinic, go here.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations