Sundays, September 13 – October 11: Under the tent in front of the church at Hamilton Road

Opportunities to learn about and sign-up for groups and serving will begin on Sunday, September 13, with information available under the tent out in front of the church every Sunday through October 11. All Cornerstone groups are open. To maintain a sense of community we ask that all groups stay in the 8-12 people range. Our community group leaders and director will work to find an alternate group for people who might want to join a “full” group.

The tent is a great place to ask questions and learn more about serving and groups at Cornerstone in general. Once the tent is taken down you can go to our website to sign-up for a group or find where to take your next step in serving.

Go here to read more about Cornerstone’s vision about groups. Or for more information about groups you can email Jack Fisher at jack@cornerstonebuzz.org. For more information about serving, email Julia Farrow at julia@cornerstonebuzz.org. We hope to see you under the tent!