For years Cornerstone has called our weekly group meetings that happen in people’s homes “small groups”. It is a name that, like so many others, tries to capture the essence of what we do or what we are when we meet in those groups.

Other churches use names like Life Groups, Growth Groups, Family Groups, Cell Groups and more. At their core, each of these is trying to build community and learn more about Jesus.

When Cornerstone Church first started in 2000, our groups were called Community Groups. Back then we were hoping to capture people who were coming from other churches in other towns with familiar language. At that time the most common name for weekly home gatherings was Small Groups, so we changed the name to Small Groups in 2001. As we examined what we are trying to do with our weekly gathering, build community and be Jesus to that community, and knowing that “community” is one of our church values, it makes sense to go back to Community Groups.

Changing from Small Groups to Community Groups is more than just a name change; it should be followed by a change in group culture. We need to talk about the aspect of community as a value and how meeting together weekly in a group of 8-12 people can build community and help lead people to know and serve Jesus. But to shift a culture requires action, not just words.

So many small groups get stuck and don’t grow and then don’t multiply because they are comfortable. Growing healthy, open Community Groups and mentoring new leaders so the groups can multiply will be a focus with building community being a priority.

This Sunday will be the beginning of our Tent Event to sign up for Community Groups. You can see the groups available and ask questions during the next five weeks in front of the church under the tent. There is no need to sign up right away. Ask questions and get to know your options.

If you have any questions, I encourage you to email or call me at or 334-887-1152.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations