Embrace Temp LogoLately I’ve been reflecting back on the moments when Leslie and I named each of our children during her pregnancies. With each one there was a shift that happened in us. They were no longer just “he” or “she”. They now had a name. And with that name it suddenly became even more real that an actual new person was about to come into our lives and the world.

Our Lee-Scott site took that step this past Sunday when we announced the name for our new church plant. And what happened for Leslie and I in naming our children seemed to also happen for our Lee-Scott body. The “Church Plant” we had been talking about for months suddenly became much more real. It was an important marker in the continued story that God is unfolding among us.

After a season of intentional listening and seeking the Lord, our Lee-Scott Leadership Team came to the place of confidence in a name. And that name for us is…Embrace Church.

This word “embrace” is defined as “to hold closely in one’s arms” or “to accept and support, willing and enthusiastically.” But for us the word “embrace” acts as kind of a signpost, pointing to a particular scene of a story that Jesus told. It’s the story of a son who returns home after a season of shame and dishonor. These words of Jesus describe the encounter in the last leg of his journey, “But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him.” Luke 15:20

It is this scene of the Father’s embrace that best represents the heart of this church. And so we are excited about the story that God has to unfold through the people of Embrace Church.

To finish up, I wanted to inform you of a few important dates as we continue to move through this transition.

  • 9/6 –  www.hisembracechurch.org goes live as our temporary website.
  • 10/4 –  Our “Soft Launch” when we first begin operating as Embrace Church.
  • 12/1 –  Our deadline to have all remaining communication vehicles caught up with the new name and branding.
  • 1/10/16 –  Our “Hard Launch” where we will Charter as a new church and celebrate with the leaders of Cornerstone Church and our United Methodist Church Conference.

I thank you dearly for your prayers and support and look forward to the beautiful story that God has ahead for both Cornerstone and Embrace Church.

Josh Agerton