The Staff of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM)
The Staff of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM) in 2011

Rusty, Katy and I have been back in Auburn from Uganda just long enough to realize we are no longer living on Uganda time. Rusty arrived home on Monday night and Katy and I arrived last night after spending some time in Amsterdam on our way home. With the time difference being eight hours it takes a few days to get back to normal.

The trip was a success and as I have mentioned we gained a lot of clarity on some of the positive changes happening with Africa Renewal Ministries, our Uganda partner.

While we were in Uganda we posted about what we did each day. The days were fast paced and filled with a lot of people and places and the posts included references to both as well as several organizations. I want to take some time to give you some clarity on many of the people, places and organizations we engaged with while we were there.

Some of the organizations:

  • Gaba Community Church (GCC)– GCC is the home church for the founder and director of Africa Renewal Ministries, Pastor Peter Kasirivu. Everything Cornerstone is officially connected with in Uganda is under the umbrella of GCC and their spiritual leadership.
  • Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM)– Arm is the cover for many ministries including Bethany Village, Loving Hearts Babies Home and the Child Development Project to name a few.
  • Child Development Project (CDP)– the CDP is a core program of ARM and is the program Cornerstone engages with the most. We sometimes refer to it as the “child sponsorship program”.
  • Africa Renewal University (ARU)– ARU is the new university begun by Pastor Peter and ARM in the Buloba Community. ARU houses The University Chapel.
  • The University Chapel- The University Chapel is housed on the property of ARU and is a satellite church of GCC. It not only serves the students and staff at ARU but is also open to the Buloba community.
  • Buloba Community Church (BCC)- BCC is the church we sponsored when we first came to Uganda and at the time it was a church plant of GCC. We built a church building, installed a well, helped build several classrooms for their school and made many trips to Uganda to support the people of BCC.

Some of the people:

  • Pastor Peter– Peter Kasirivu is the founder and director of Africa Renewal Ministries (ARM). He is also the senior pastor of Gaba Community Church. He has taught at Cornerstone in the past.
  • Patrick Sserunjogi- Patrick is our host when we go to Uganda. He arranges for our transportation, housing and many of our meetings. He has been to Auburn many times and considers Cornerstone Church his home church when he is in the US. Patrick is also an Elder at GCC.
  • Sarah Serunjogi– Sarah is the wife of Patrick and the Sponsor Relations Coordinator for ARM.
  • Pastor Renson Mwawasi– Also known as Renson, is the site pastor for the University Chapel at Africa Renewal University.
  • Pastor Moses- Moses is the director of the Renewal Fellowship of Churches.
  • Dr. Martin- Martin is the Executive Pastor for Gaba Community Church (GCC) and is also a medical doctor. He will be a consultant for the medical clinic we are helping build.
  • Henry- Henry is the director of the Child Development Program (CDP).
  • Richard- Richard is the coordinator for the CDP that all of Cornerstone’s sponsored children are involved with.
  • Jeff Atherstone– Jeff is the Vice-Chancellor and President of ARU. He is originally from California but has been in Uganda for almost a decade.
  • Joy Mukasa– Joy is the admissions officer at ARU. She is also the host for all the groups who visit ARU.
  • Joseline Atuhwera– Joseline is the Department Head of Community Health and the Dean of Women at ARU.

Some of the places:

  • Uganda– According to Wikipedia, Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa.
  • Kampala–  Kampala is the capitol and largest city in Uganda.
  • Buloba- Buloba is a community in what we would consider to be a rural a part of Uganda.
  • Entebbe International Airport– This is the airport teams fly in and out of each time we go to Uganda. It is about an hours drive southwest of Gaba Community Church.

Hopefully this is good information in general so you know a little more about what Cornerstone is doing in Uganda. But if you have gone to Uganda or if you are thinking of going this coming year it will be really good information to help orient yourself to your time “in country”.

Listen for more information before November about the teams we plan to send to Uganda in 2016.