Rusty and His Sponsored Child
Rusty and His Sponsored Child

Today we traveled to the community of Buloba. Buloba is home to the Child Development Program where the Cornerstone family supports 347 kids. It is also the home of Africa Renewal University. Both the Child Sponsorship Program (CDP) and Africa Renewal University (ARU) are under the umbrella of Gaba Community Church.

Click here to see Gaba Community Church satellite view.

We saw several of the sponsored kids who we recognized from previous trips. Both Rusty and Katy were able to spend some time with their sponsored kids.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, the CDP is now meeting at ARU. This gives the sponsored kids a chance not only to continue what they call Center Day, which is a day they all gather together once a week, but also to spend time with the University students.

We know from Cornerstone the students from Auburn are a huge asset to the kids who come to Cornerstone. In the short time the CDP kids have been meeting at ARU, the have benefited greatly from the students there. We are confident this will be a great new situation.

Our day wrapped up with a visit to the home of Pastor Eva. She is the leader of Buloba Community Church where we did some really great work when we first came to Uganda. God clearly called us specifically to that church at that time. We were able to put in a well for the community, build a church building, help with the construction of classrooms and build some great friendships in the community. We had a good visit with Pastor Eva and it was nice to see her again.

Click here to see African Renewal University (ARCC on the map) satellite view.

Tomorrow we go back to Africa Renewal University to worship at the University Chapel in the morning. We will spend the afternoon in meetings about the medical clinic, and we will also get to tour the construction. I look forward to another full day of listening, asking questions, learning and praying.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations