Patrick, Katy and Dr. Martin outside the offices of ARM Uganda.
Patrick, Katy and Dr. Martin outside Gaba Community Church in Uganda.

Rusty, Katy and I arrived last night at 10:30 pm Uganda time after the typical 26 hours of travel from Auburn to Kampala, Uganda. We went straight from the airport to the home of Patrick Serunjogi who is hosting us while we are here. We were tired and knew we needed to get to sleep because we had an early start the next day.

We had two meetings today, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Our morning meeting was with Dr. Martin, Pastor Renson and Pastor Moses. Dr. Martin is the Executive Pastor at Gaba Community Church, Pastor Renson is the Campus Pastor at the University Chapel, and Pastor Moses leads the church planting movement for Gaba Community Church. These three men are true leaders and decision makers at Gaba Community Church.

We talked a lot about Gaba Community Church and the shift they are making to focus more on being Jesus in the communities they serve. While they have many programs and services throughout Uganda and have planted over 200 churches, they want to make sure people always hear and see the gospel in what they are saying and doing. It was good to sit and pray with these three men and listen to the vision they are following for the churches they serve.

In the afternoon we met with Pastor Martin (who is different from Dr. Martin) and Henry Muguluma who is the Leadership Development Manager for Africa Renewal Ministry. Our conversation was all about the Child Development (Sponsorship) Programs (CDP) and specifically the one Cornerstone is engaged with in Buloba.

The CDP in Buloba is going through some healthy transitions that will allow it to work with the University Students at Africa Renewal University. Many of the activities are now being held on the University campus which is only several hundred yards down the road from Buloba Community Church. We will be visiting the CDP for their Center Day tomorrow at the University. More on that in tomorrow’s update.

We wrapped up the day at the Wentz Medical Clinic. This medical clinic is operated by Gaba Community Church and Dr. Martin (yes, the same Dr. Martin), who is a general practitioner as well as an Executive Pastor, and has oversight of the clinic. While it is bigger than the one Cornerstone helped raise funds for, it is the model clinic for the new medical clinic in Buloba.

Overall it was a very productive day. We talked and prayed about what was happening with the interests that Cornerstone has in Uganda. We also talked and prayed about the future of the activities Cornerstone is connected with in Uganda. We still have three more days of conversation and building relationships, but if those three are as encouraging as today, we will leave here filled with energy, momentum and direction.

Please note there will be a follow up blog post after the last day that will have all the players in what we are doing in Uganda as a church. It will also give some explanation about the different programs and locations we are working with.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations