The shoreline of Lake Victoria as you leave Gabba
The shoreline of Lake Victoria as you leave Gaba

Rusty, my daughter Katy, and I will be flying out of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 8 pm. It is going to be a short, fast paced trip to Uganda to visit and pray with leaders and our friends with Gaba Church and the Buloba community.

We will be on the ground in Uganda for four full days beginning this coming Friday. Three of the days will be full of meetings and connecting with new leaders and old friends who have been part of our journey over the past eight years. Here is a short glimpse at our itinerary, all times are local to the location:

  • Leave Atlanta at 8 pm on Wednesday
  • Arrive Kampala, Uganda at 9 pm Thursday.
  • Begin meetings with leaders at Gaba Community Church on Friday morning.
  • On Saturday morning visit Center Day at Buloba Community Church and talk with our sponsored kids. Get our first live visit of the new Medical Clinic at ARU.
  • On Saturday afternoon, take a boda-boda ride to Bethany Village to catch up on the agriculture advances there.
  • On Sunday worship at Gaba Community Church then drive to the University Chapel at Africa Renewal University (ARU) and worship there.
  • Meet with the staff and leaders at Africa Renewel University and Pastor Renson from the University Chapel on Monday morning.
  • Fly out of the airport Monday night at 11:30 pm to head back home.

The communication team at Cornerstone will be posting pictures and blogs posts of each day on Twitter, Facebook and our website so you can journey along with us. We will also post links using a GPS tracker so you can zoom in on Google Earth to see our location each day.

I will be checking my email ( when we have internet access. If you have any questions or comments for any of the three of us please send me an email.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations