IMG_4929If you have ever been involved in building a new home or a major construction project, you’ll know what I am talking about. Sometimes it takes a while to break ground. Well that is what has happened with the medical clinic in Buloba, Uganda.

Last fall the people of Cornerstone Church raised over $70,000 to start the construction of a medical clinic in Buloba. The clinic is to be on the property of African Renewal University (ARU). ARU is just down the road from Buloba Community Church where we support the African Renewal Ministries child sponsorship program.

Cornerstone is also part of planting a church at ARU, the University Chapel. The University Chapel, led by Pastor Thomas Renson, had its first worship service on January 25. Cornerstone supports the salary of Pastor Renson. The vision for the clinic and the church is to be a center of the community and the university providing both medical and spiritual care.

IMG_4933Now that construction has begun, we will be able to report progress periodically. Rusty and I, along with my daughter Katy, will be leaving on August 5 to spend five days in Uganda. Our plan is to check on the progress of the clinic and to meet and pray with the leaders at ARU, Buloba Community Church, the University Chapel and Gaba Community Church.

We are excited and encouraged by how God is moving among the people in Buloba. Once completed, the new medical clinic will change the lives of the people who live in that community. Our hope and prayer is that it, along with the University Chapel, truly will become the center of that community.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations

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