Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.50.12 PMTwo years ago Cornerstone went through a process we called Dream2020. We asked the people of Cornerstone the questions “What dream is God placing on your heart for the future of Cornerstone”. We received hundreds of dreams through many different venues.

A dream that was captured during one of the kid’s dreaming sessions was “For the church to have cheerleaders”. Like many people who read that dream, I chuckled a little and had the vision of cheerleaders lining the side of the worship space during Sunday morning worship. Something like “Rusty, Rusty, he’s our man, if he can’t preach it no one can!”

Fast forward to this past week during our WinShape Camps for Communities that was held at Cornerstone. On Friday I was asking some of our hard core volunteers how their week went. There were some great stories and most of them were about the kids and how God was impacting them. One volunteer, Betsy Terry, gave me a little different answer.

Betsy registered through the WinShape website to volunteer all week. During the registration she signed up to help with a specific skill. When she arrived the first day of camp Betsy was moved to a skill she did not register to help with. She was placed in the “cheerleading” skill where she would help for the entire week.

As she was telling me her story, she said that cheerleading was the last thing she thought of as a skill she possessed. She was not athletic and perceived herself to be uncoordinated. She wondered how could she have ended up helping in the cheerleader skill group.

The week progressed and Betsy got to know the kids in her group. What she began to realize is God placed her in the cheerleader group as much for her growth as the growth of the kids. For Betsy, she began to realize she really was a cheerleader, but not the kind of cheerleader I was thinking about when I thought about the Dream2020 cheerleading dream.

Betsy began to realize she really was a cheerleader, a cheerleader like Barnabas the encourager. She now knows that being an encourager, being a cheerleader, is a gift that God has given her. For Betsy it was an unexpected experience but one that she gladly welcomed.

Just so you know, Betsy gave me permission to tell her story. She was one of over 100 volunteers who gave part or all of their week to pour in to our kids during WinShape. It was an amazing week with as many stories as there were kids and volunteers.

WinShape Camps for Communities will be back to Cornerstone next year – June 20-24, 2016. Look for details next year so you can plan on being a part of the story God is writing for our kids and, as Betsy found out, for our volunteers as well.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations