Andy Stanley, Senior Pastor at North Point Community Church, has a saying: “Life change happens in circles, not in rows.” At the heart of this quote is his understanding that it is easy to move away from your faith or, at best, become stagnant if all you are doing is sitting in a row on Sunday morning. But it is almost impossible to drift away when you are in a group of other people. A group that can help you grow, hold you accountable and help provide a sense of belonging.

Our next Equip sessions will be focused on Groups at Cornerstone. If you currently are leading a small group, have led a group in the past, or might be curious about what it means to be a small group leader, our next Equip is for you.

During the three sessions, we will cover different topics ranging from why groups matter to the challenges of leading a small group. At the end of the sessions you should have a better understanding of the vision for groups at Cornerstone and feel better equipped to lead a group.

Mark your calendar for Wednesday nights, August 12, 19 and 29. We will begin at 6:15 pm and end no later than 7:15 pm. There will be childcare if you let us know ahead of time. Look for more information here and in the Sunday morning connect card.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations