profileHey everyone! My name is Jonathan Hendrix, and I have just begun serving as a Worship Team intern here at Cornerstone Church. I’ve been attending Cornerstone for nine years now, and I began playing in the worship band about five years ago. Throughout my time attending Cornerstone and playing in the worship band, I felt a calling to pursue worship leading. Worshipping God through music is something that I have always been very passionate about. It is a vital part of worship, as it allows people to sing their praises to the Lord and to feel a humbling connection to our Creator. So, feeling a call to lead people in this worship is not something that I take lightly.

I have been praying and seeking out opportunities to help strengthen my worship leading abilities and my faith. One of the ways I am doing this is by serving as a worship intern at the church and becoming the worship leader for the Cornerstone College Ministry. I will be working closely with the Hamilton Road Site Worship Leader, Dustin Adams, as he will be helping me expand and grow in my worship leading abilities as well as showing me what being a worship leader consists of, on and off the stage.

Having been on the stage for five years now, one of the aspects of this internship that I am most excited to learn more about is being a worship leader off the stage. The title of “worship leader” does not stay on the stage. It is a title of constant striving to be a disciple for God and His Kingdom and to help people with their worship and faith in every aspect of their lives, not just on Sunday mornings.

I am very excited to become involved in this amazing opportunity that God has given me and, above all, I hope to grow in my faith and be a humble disciple for the Lord and His Kingdom.