God designed us to do life in community, we weren’t meant to go it alone. Over the years Cornerstone Groups have provided that community for hundreds of people. What we know though is getting involved in groups at Cornerstone might not always be easy. There are many reasons that range from “I don’t have time in my schedule” to “There isn’t a group that fits what I am looking for.”

This coming January, Cornerstone is going to make it as easy as we know how to help you join a group. For five weeks we will do a church wide study of Bill Hybels book Simplify, unclutter your soul. The Sunday morning message will focus on Simplify, then we want groups to meet in homes to continue the conversation by watching the Simplify video on Right Now Media.

If you are already in a community group, we want to encourage you to do the study as part of the rhythm of your group. But if you aren’t in a group, we have a plan for that. We hope to have homes all over Lee County who will host the five week study and give people a taste of what it is like to both host a group as well as what it is like to be in a group.

We are looking for HOST homes that will be willing to host a group of 8-12 people for this five week study. The HOST homes need to be able to:

H- have a heart for people
O- open your home
S- serve a few snacks
T- tell a few friends

Once the five week Simplify study is finished, there is no commitment to continue to host or to even stay together as a group. But we have faith that through this study God will open doors to help many find a place of long term community.

The first step is to find host homes. If you think you can HOST a short term Simplify Group or you just want to know more, fill out this quick form, and I will contact you. There is a lot of excitement as the leadership plans this four week study. Be a part of the excitement and consider HOSTing a Simplify Group.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations