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When I hear about foster care I usually think about children in foster care and foster families. James 1:27 says we are to care for the widows and the orphans, so focusing on the needs of the orphans is a natural thought. And, just as important, are the foster parents and families caring for the orphans. So it is natural to think of them as well.

There is another group of people who are just as important in the foster care equation, and that is the biological parents. While the reasons children end up in foster care are as numerous as there are kids in care, we still need to remember and pray for their parents.

The goal for the Department of Human Resources (DHR) is to return the children home to their biological parents when possible. When it does happen, the parent or parents must prove they are ready for the child or children to come back into their care. This includes a variety of expectations, like having a job and an acceptable place to live.

Cornerstone has been directly involved with foster care for several years now. We have certified foster families, small groups focused on foster care and adoptions, as well as many individuals committed to supporting the foster care community in Lee County.

One child who Cornerstone has been supporting through a foster family is working on returning home to her biological mother. She and her sister, who is with another foster family, have a specific need for two beds. They have bed frames but need mattress sets, hopefully new. While there are other smaller needs, this is the biggest and most urgent for getting them back to their mother.

DHR doesn’t take returning children to their biological parents lightly. The parents are monitored, and the kids are checked in on for a while. How Cornerstone can help this important part of foster care is to help provide this important need and also to pray for the children, their biological parents and their situation.

If you can help these girls with new mattresses, please contact me ( or Jill Harris ( Or call the church office at 334-887-1152.

Jack Fisher
Director of Operations