Jesus promised his disciples that the world, and the Prince of it, would be against them in this life. Jesus told them that the world hated him first, and it would treat all who would come after him accordingly – as he taught, the disciple is not above his Master.  While these truths have not changed in 2000 years, neither has the Father’s faithfulness in carrying his sons and daughters through the trials and stress of everyday life.

Life is truly messy, filled with anxiety, stress and worry. While some of the mess is our fault and some of it is simply due to living in a broken, selfish world, Jesus pointed the way to a life of peace and freedom – one focused on the goodness and faithfulness of our Father in Heaven. He is, as the author of Hebrews so beautifully describes, a sure and steadfast anchor for our souls (Hebrews 6.19). I believe I can speak for all of the men of Cornerstone when I say, “Brothers…we need a sure and steadfast anchor!”

Equip: Men will be three Wednesday night gatherings of the men of Cornerstone Church on April 8, 15, and 22 from 6:15-7:15 pm. Each week’s study and conversation will center in on Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 6 on anxiety and worry in this life and the promises of our good Father in Heaven. As with all Equip gatherings, our hope is that these three weeks together will foster a deeper and long lasting sense of community within the church while spurring each of us on to be the men God created us to be. To get more information and to register, go to Equip: Men.

Lee Cadden
College Pastor