This internship position will work closely with the Guest Services Coordinator to coordinate volunteer schedules for Sunday mornings and any Cornerstone special events (i.e. Baptism Celebration), attend quarterly volunteer team leader meetings, assist the Sunday morning Guest Service Assistants, and fill in where needed to assist guests. We show the love of God to our guests by ensuring that they have distraction free worship and celebration experiences.

Ministry Overview

Cornerstone Guest Services Teams are designed to remove any barriers for our guests as they worship on Sunday mornings. We want our guests to feel comfortable and be able to focus on Christ.

Intern Expectations

The student will be expected to have a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ and a desire to see fellow students grow in their desire for Him. Secondly, all Interns will be deeply invested in the life of the church – on Sunday mornings, Monday nights, and throughout the week. While the Intern will focus his/her time primarily on college ministry, he/she will be required to attend monthly All-Staff meetings (last Tuesday of every month) and to be available to help other ministry areas during important “crunch times” throughout the year (i.e. Christmas, Easter) as deemed necessary by the College Pastor. At the end of the internship, the Intern will have a clear picture of what vocational ministry entails as they pursue their own life’s calling.


Sunday mornings will be the main focus of the internship, along with coordinating volunteer schedules, and guiding team leaders in leading their teams to know and serve Jesus. Sunday morning responsibilities include:

  • Arrive at Cornerstone ready to go at 8 am. Plan to stay until guests leave after the 10:30 am service.
  • When arriving on site check all signs, including A-frames, to make sure they are properly located and current
  • Once arriving in the building, check with all guest services teams and leaders to offer your assistance if needed. Try not to get involved in tasks that already have volunteers working on them.
  • Monitor the Guest Service Coordinators and assist in any way they need. They are responsible for the following:
    • Check the volunteer gathering area, currently in the “Green Room” at 8 am and the church office after that until 10:30 am, to make sure it is ready for the volunteers
    • Refresh any food, juice, coffee and supplies
    • Plan the volunteer announcement and prayer time for the 8 am volunteers
    • Check to make sure all volunteers are wearing lanyards and name tags
    • Check the restrooms for cleanliness and supplies
    • Check the worship area, restrooms, and lobby after each service to make sure they are clean
    • On communion Sundays, check that all elements have been properly placed by the Kitchen Crew
    • Make sure the cash box is at the Information Desk for book sales
  • As guests arrive, try to pinpoint medically trained personnel in case there is an emergency
  • Once guests begin arriving, walk to the different areas (such as cafe, children’s check-in, food servers, etc.) and make sure those volunteers don’t need any help.
  • Check TV in lobby to make sure it is functioning properly.
  • Stay in the general vicinity of the lobby/Worship Area during the worship service in case any needs arise. Occasionally walk back to the children’s areas just be sure they don’t need anything and see what goes on back there so you are educated if someone asks.
  • Check the Cornerstone website,, often to keep updated on Cornerstone news and events. It is important to be able to give informed answers to guest questions.
  • In the interest of teamwork, be aware there may be additional tasks and responsibilities from time to time assigned as needs arise.


To be considered for the College Internship, any candidate must meet the following:

  • Is a baptized, committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • Currently enrolled in either graduate or undergraduate studies
  • Has completed at least 1 year of undergraduate studies
  • Leads a life that could be characterized as one “above reproach” in both his or her personal life and ministry – Titus 1.7-9  (Including his/her dating, friendships, relationship with parents, and among peers at Cornerstone and on campus)
  • Capable of working on a team (Given the emphasis Scripture puts on fellowship and working together, working as a team is one of our Core Values at Cornerstone Church)
  • Willing to commit 15-20 hours per week to Cornerstone’s mission: Leading People to Know and Serve Jesus
  • Desiring to grow from the Internship, not simply to meet his or her college’s requirements

If you are interested in an internship position in Guest Services, please apply here.