This internship position will work closely with the College Pastor primarily to see college students grow in their love for Christ and their commitment to follow Him wherever He leads their lives. Secondly, it is to prepare the Intern for a life of ministry, regardless of their vocation upon graduation, through a nine month (August-May) internship with Cornerstone Church, focused specifically in the ministry of Cornerstone College.

Ministry Overview

Cornerstone College meets for worship, Bible Study, and fellowship. Guys and gals also meet in separate peer-led communities, because this is where relationships are formed.

Intern Expectations

The student will be expected to have a vibrant and growing relationship with Christ and a desire to see fellow students grow in their desire for Him. Secondly, all Interns will be deeply invested in the life of the church – on Sunday mornings, Monday nights, and throughout the week. While the Intern will focus his/her time primarily on college ministry, he/she will be required to attend monthly All-Staff meetings (first Tuesday of every month) and to be available to help other ministry areas during important “crunch times” throughout the year (i.e. Christmas, Easter) as deemed necessary by the College Pastor. At the end of the year, the Intern will have a clear picture of what vocational ministry entails as they pursue their own life’s calling.


  • Weekly attendance of worship on Sunday morning (9 or 10:30am) unless absence approved by College Pastor.
  • Weekly service with one of the volunteer teams at the other Sunday morning service.
  • Monday Night
    • Aid the College Pastor in preparing for our weekly worship/Bible Study gathering
    • Regular attendance and involvement with a family group
  • Small Group
    • Lead/co-lead a same sex small group meeting weekly from August to May.
    • Develop personal relationships with girls/guys in the group → meet one one one for lunch, coffee, breakfast throughout the week.
    • Small Groups are geared toward discipleship. As a leader, an Intern will be both responsible for leading a group of students as well as working with the College Pastor in discipling other leaders (“Leading leaders” is a common phrase here).
  • Contact first and second time visiting students from Sunday morning Connection Cards
  • Attend Cornerstone Church staff meetings as necessary (Sermon planning, mission, Central leadership, etc.)
  • Attend monthly Campus Ministers Prayer meeting at Campus Crusade’s office (1st Wednesday morning of the month during the academic year, August – May)
  • Attend weekly all intern meeting with College Pastor
  • Represent Cornerstone College at one of Cornerstone Church’s worship sites (currently Hamilton Road or Lee Scott) either alternating with College Pastor or permanently
  • Complete all required reading per College Pastor’s request
  • Assist the College Pastor in other areas as needed


To be considered for the College Internship, any candidate must meet the following:

  • Is a baptized, committed follower of Jesus Christ
  • Currently enrolled in either graduate or undergraduate studies
  • Has completed at least 1 year of undergraduate studies
  • Leads a life that could be characterized as one “above reproach” in both his or her personal life and ministry – Titus 1.7-9  (Including his/her dating, friendships, relationship with parents, and among peers at Cornerstone and on campus).
  • Capable of working on a team (Given the emphasis Scripture puts on fellowship and working together, working as a team is one of our Core Values at Cornerstone Church.)
  • Willing to commit 15-20 hours per week to Cornerstone’s mission: Leading People to Know and Serve Jesus
  • Desiring to grow from the Internship, not simply to meet his or her college’s requirements

If you are interested in an internship position with Cornerstone College, apply here.