It’s amazing to think that just over three years ago, Cornerstone Church was launching its first multi-site at Lee-Scott Academy. As I reflect on these three years, a rush of words and phrases run through my mind…beauty, hard work, family, sacrifice, trailers, set up and tear down, servants, creaky gym floors and deep love!

As expected when we first began, these three years of existing in a temporary, set up/tear down scenario have profoundly shaped not only our hearts but also our identity and culture as a site of Cornerstone. It has also led many of the people who call the Lee-Scott site their home to ask the natural question, “What’s next for Cornerstone Church at Lee-Scott?”

To answer this question, our Executive and Lee-Scott Leadership Teams have begun an intentional season of discerning together how God is leading this movement forward. On Sunday March 15, we met with the people of Lee-Scott to share and invite them in on this process of discernment. While much remains to be seen, it is with a spirit of transparency that our leadership desires to share with our whole Cornerstone family the two main ideas we are discerning and exploring together.

  1. Steps towards a permanent home for the Lee-Scott congregation. As we knew when we began, the temporary, set-up/tear down scenario for the Lee-Scott site is not something that can be sustained long-term. While there continues to be growing momentum and health among the Lee-Scott body, both the equipment and people are tiring. We also have some new challenges that will begin this summer as Lee-Scott Academy begins an 8-12 month construction project on their campus. Clearly, relocating into a permanent facility (occupied 24/7) will be an important next step to keep the momentum and mission moving forward.

To prepare for this our Executive Team has charged a short-term “Lee-Scott Next Step Team” to evaluate our financial readiness and develop a holistic plan for the Lee-Scott site. This team consists of Rusty Hutson (Lead Pastor), Josh Agerton (LS Site Pastor), Jack Fisher (Director of Operations), Charles Bruce (Finance Chair) and John Sweatman (Trustee Chair). We will also be including other leaders from across Cornerstone Church into these conversations along the way. Our hope is to develop a plan with clear steps that we can present back to our Executive team within the next few months.

  1. The consideration of Lee-Scott becoming a new church plant birthed from Cornerstone Church. Within these conversations about a permanent home we are also exploring the concept of Lee-Scott becoming a new church plant birthed out from Cornerstone, becoming its own autonomous church. Although this was not our original intent when the Lee-Scott site was launched three years ago, we now see an opportunity for Cornerstone to reproduce this site as another healthy church for the Kingdom. Obviously decisions of this magnitude warrant a great deal of time, care and attentiveness to the Holy Spirit’s leading. We are being intentional to open ourselves as we discern God’s next step together.

While this post may leave you with more questions than answers at this point, we see the greater value that transparency affords of inviting our whole Cornerstone family to pray with us as we seek God’s wisdom. Although much remains unseen, there is a strong sense of faith across our Cornerstone family that God is at work and will lead us on His right path. Be assured that your leaders are doing their best to stay behind Him as He leads this beautiful church forward.

Prayers & Faith,

Josh Agerton
Site Pastor
Cornerstone Church at Lee-Scott