16519115088_0de2049e35_mGreat food, wonderful fellowship, inspiring worship and prayer time, and a snapshot of all God is doing around our church – that about sums up Celebration Dinner!

Ok, there was more to it than just those big parts. Let me share a few highlights:

Cedar Abbey – We showed a video that told the story of a new ministry called “Cedar Abbey”, birthed out of the hearts of three folks in our church (Ashley Coxwell, Zach Teel and Starlyn Teel), that is forming right now. Basically God has called them to a ministry of prayer that will be based out of a building that is being fixed up in downtown Opelika. While this place will be primarily used for ongoing prayer, it will be a place for worship, gatherings and conversations. It’s the idea of taking a secular building and turning it into a “sacred space” used solely for God’s purposes. The beauty of this new work is that Ashley and the Teel’s didn’t come to the church or me asking us to provide anything except for prayer. They realize this is something God has laid on their hearts, and they are responsible for making it happen. This is one more way our church is taking our mission out into the world. Click here to see the Cedar Abbey video.

Winshape Camp – Another video that night was all about WinShape Camps for Communities and how they impact kids and communities. We as a church are partnering with the folks at Chick-fil-A and WinShape to host a camp at our Hamilton Road site this summer. From what we’ve seen, this will be an incredible outreach opportunity for our church into the community. For more information about WinShape Camp go here.

16512307498_e4a90158f5_m (1)Prayer Time – At the end of the night we spent some time around our tables in prayer asking God to lead us into this next season of ministry. After a couple of minutes of letting people get started around their tables, I stopped praying at the podium on stage to just look at what was happening. It was a beautiful picture of the body of Christ doing the “work” of the kingdom by reaffirming our faith in God and His ability to lead us into the future.

Well, it was a great night. I just want to say “THANK YOU!” to all of our volunteers and staff who worked so hard to make that night happen. Also, I am grateful to our church for they way we give, serve, love and sacrifice to lead people to know and serve Jesus.

You can see the video of my message during Celebration Dinner here. To see more photos from the evening go here. And an information card with all the statistics from 2014 that we handed out is available at the church office if you would like a copy.

Looking forward to all God has for us this year!