Stricklands2My name is Anthony Strickland. If you have been coming to Cornerstone Church at Hamilton Road for the past few years and enjoyed a cup of coffee, chances are you have seen my wife, Heather, daughter Addison, and myself behind the counter of the cafe. When we joined Cornerstone a little over three years ago and began to live our church mission to lead others to know and serve Jesus, we felt it was important to get plugged in and volunteer in some facet. We joined the Cafe Team shortly thereafter, and we found that we really enjoyed seeing all of the smiling faces and simply saying “Good Morning” to people as they came in to get some coffee and a doughnut. It really makes us feel like we are invested in Cornerstone and part of something greater than ourselves.

After about a year, I took the role of Cafe Team Leader from Lisa Stephens, who still serves on the Cafe Team with her family (that also volunteers in others areas as well). We have had volunteers come and go, and we have truly appreciated everyone who has taken time to serve. As our daughter, Addison, has gotten a little older she has started helping us, and we give her small tasks to help, which she really enjoys. It is fun having the whole family involved, and she understands WHY we do it and WHY it is important on days she doesn’t feel like it.

IMG_6117That being said, it is work, but it takes volunteers to run a church. If there were no volunteers, your experience on Sunday might be quite different. For example, you wouldn’t have coffee and donuts to enjoy. Cornerstone is very fortunate to have a great group of people making things happen. We have a small core group of volunteers in the cafe, but we are in great need of more! Many of you may be reading this and may have been thinking about this the same way we were three years ago. We came to realize it wasn’t about us, it is about Him. If you feel lead, please come by and see me at the cafe one Sunday morning, and I can tell you more. You can also email me at with any questions you may have. We would love to have you on the Cafe Team!