16250753939_81d54c9b6d_zHosting the Mwangaza Children’s Choir will definitely be a highlight for Cornerstone in 2015. The 20 children that make up the choir and the eight “aunties” and “uncles” that travel with them as they tour churches in the States are an incredible group of people. They will sacrifice much time with the families they love over the next six months in order to help make many aware of the needs of the children in Uganda, while offering a practical way to meet those needs through child sponsorships. To see photos from their performance at Cornerstone, go here.

If you’ve been around Cornerstone for any length of time, you’ve probably heard something about child sponsorships or you’ve talked with someone who is currently sponsoring. That’s because it’s at the heartbeat of who we are as a church. Currently, in the community of Buloba, nearly 350 children have been sponsored through Cornerstone’s partnership. That’s a deep investment. And if you’re ever a part of a trip to that community, you’ll see the impact it is making. Sponsored children receive food and uniforms and an opportunity that not every child in Uganda possesses, an education.

As Westerners, we can get caught up in the dollars and cents of what we’ve invested in and how many people are being “impacted” by that financial investment. Africa Renewal Ministries, the parent organization for child sponsorships, sees it differently. They see the investment we’re making as helping to achieve their mission of equipping and sending out a next generation of Christians leaders for Uganda and the world. And they’ll tell you how thankful they are that we’re helping them achieve that end. They believe in the difference these children are going to make one day with a foundation rooted in Christ.

16411038206_dd9073398d_zWhen the children’s choir shared with us a few Sunday nights back, January 25, we again presented children for sponsorship in the community of Buloba. We’re celebrating that 18 children were sponsored for the first time that night. For those who began sponsoring that night, thank you for taking that step. For those of you that have been sponsoring, thank you for continuing in that commitment.

We currently have about 45 children left to be sponsored. That will bring the sponsorship program in Buloba to almost 400. If you’re interested in beginning the journey or just have some questions, please e-mail mission@cornerstonebuzz.org.

Let us continue to pray for Buloba and the work being done there for the Kingdom, for the children in the program and their families, for the teachers and social workers who guide the program, for the pastors and leaders of the churches there, that a great work would be done in Jesus’ name.

Brian Johnson
Site Pastor, Bred Pub site